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Ranking the RHOBH Women

Feb 26, 2020 by JourdanBabyXoXo
Im on like season 6 or something so theres a few i havent meant obvi

1) Kim Richards - Literaly the funniest and sweetest woman ever (when shes sober) and i hope she can be a sober kween for the rest of her life because she deserves the best

2) Kyle Richards - Questionable taste in friendships sometimes and needs to stop looking for validation from annoying a toxic women BUT everything else about this woman i admire and love.

3) Erika Jayne/Gerrardi? - Shes only been in a few episodes ive watched but i can already tell shes going to be a favorite of mine

I love them:

4) Lisa Vanderpump - I think theres toxicity w her and she puts others down a lot but overall i really think shes hilarious and lovely

5) Eileen Davidson - Funny, amazing mom and a good judge of character. Only reason she isnt #1 is because shes not as entertaining

6) Lisa Rinna - Gets rlly passionate about things randomly which can be annoying and kinda scary but shes funny

I like them:

7) Yolanda Haddid - Uhh so i think she is the human version of an eating disorder but other than that i like her. She can be pretentious but i think she has a good heart

8) Taylor Armstrong - Shes kinda tied w Yolanda. She was my favorite Season 1-3 but has since drifted down for me. Still love her!

9) Camille Grammer - Hated her season 1 but season2 and all her small appearances ive enjoyed her !

10) Joyce (too lazy to look up last name) - I understand why she was removed. She was kinda boring but very nice !


11) Kathryn - I dont really have any opinion on a brick wall


12) Adrienne Maloof - I think shes a funny person but shes so quick to judge and very rude a lot of the time ! Its sad because i liked her at first!

13) Brandi Glanville - I felt bad for her at first because i watched and felt like she was always ganged up on but over her time on the show she became worse and worse and worse !!!!! A rude bully


14) Carlton Gabbiella (I think thats her last name) - So inconsistent and so many double standards. an absolutely disgusting skeleton lady.


If i forgot anyone pls tell me. Also just wanna give a shoutout to some queens that are friend ofs or featured:

Faye Resnick, Dana, Lisas asian wedding planner

They were some icons
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