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just watched AHS episode 1

Sep 13, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo
Heres my thoughts

1) Sarah was so underwhelming...… She looked like she could be as iconic as the countess. Hopefully she improves.

2) Kathy Bates was underwhelming as hell

3) Super glad Leslie Grossman is getting a lead role!!!! I loved her last season and shes great this season

4) Im hoping Billie Eichner will be in the show more.... Maybe he survived? IDK!!!

5) Cant wait for Misty Day to return

6) I hope in the next episode they actually go out into the apocalypse instead of just complaining about food all episode

Overall good potential


Sent by alanb1,Sep 13, 2018
5) Cant wait for Misty Day to return

Sent by HaliFord,Sep 13, 2018
Ok thought I could tagmyself to bookmark it for when I watch it but the tag doesn’t show up cool
Sent by alanb1,Sep 13, 2018

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