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  1. An insight from inside the stars house
  2. People in this current stars
  3. i spent
  4. A cool Stars Twist
  5. Regarding my time in Stars...
  6. Started Fortnite Save The World
  7. Getting a lot of mails saves
  8. am i gonna get banned
  9. Technically
  10. ...
  11. SO currently in the stars house Chat
  12. remember
  13. whats happening
  14. No title
  15. i am the meme dealer
  16. why did someone just mail me
  17. after sex i check my grades
  18. Conspiracy Theory
  19. Stars Support
  20. Vlog!!!! (Sorta)
  21. VLOG
  22. Nominated For 15th in Stars 505
  23. Croatia!!!!!
  24. U make my pussy wet
  25. No title
  26. sorry couldnt come to the phone
  27. why is everyone asking me to click buttons
  28. Will i be supported if i joined stars?
  29. am i able to join this stars
  30. Where did Stage8Teen go
  31. Cheater alert!
  32. only sad about one ban
  33. everybody stop jumping on Admin
  34. This is some pure bullshit
  35. LoL question
  36. When 3 obsessed users get banned
  37. just saw my good friend will be entering Stars!
  38. No title
  39. No title
  40. so happy about mods tbh

incredibles 2...

Jun 17, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo
the best most well thought out disney movie EVER
better than the original
better than every movie
however i hated Void



ahh jealous!! watching it tomorrow
Sent by IceBeast,Jun 17, 2018
Sent by Zuelke,Jun 17, 2018
Sent by Kandee_,Jun 17, 2018
void was so awkward but cute :<
Sent by Justin_Hicks,Jun 17, 2018
Justin_Hicks she was too much. “uWu i’m so quirky and relatable oowooo hehehehe xD”
Kandee_ 9.7/10 i could do without the seizures
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jun 17, 2018

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