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  1. place your votes
  2. we should all have a meet up
  3. i got Tik Tok/
  4. remember that time
  5. imagine being ugly
  7. someone negged me down :L
  8. i did my hair for this
  9. 17 people revealed in Youtube Survivor
  10. guess who’s competing in Youtube survivor?
  11. looks like the cats out of the bag!
  12. skinny
  13. can’t wait for Tyra Sanchez
  14. Farrah and Manila get a joint win
  15. No title
  16. can i have a peppermint?
  17. ariana dropping Thank U, next
  18. finished Free Agents
  19. Cara Maria = Robbed in Free Agents
  20. are Laurel and Jordan
  21. currently watching Free Agents
  22. tbh
  23. OwO
  24. Abortion
  25. two thoughts on The Challenge
  26. Gonna be live blogging Free Agents
  27. Watching Free Agents
  28. as a "Halloween" fan
  29. Bush did 911
  30. yall made a good choice
  31. tbh
  32. watching the challenge for the first time
  33. remember that time
  34. support Caleb in Stars!!!
  35. just got evicted
  36. How can you possibly say
  37. i’m very proud of my gameplay
  38. [PLEASE READ] My game this Stars
  39. can we take a moment
  40. i hope your all proud

someone post model skin

Jun 16, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo
for 400t!!!

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