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  1. Rockstar went
  2. really all i watch
  3. havent watched BB15 yet
  4. YALLLL!!!!!
  5. not watching the episode yet
  6. Are there any shows
  7. Do you like women?
  9. im a biological womannnn
  10. Is my full avatar
  11. An insight from inside the stars house
  12. People in this current stars
  13. i spent
  14. A cool Stars Twist
  15. Regarding my time in Stars...
  16. Started Fortnite Save The World
  17. Getting a lot of mails saves
  18. am i gonna get banned
  19. Technically
  20. ...
  21. SO currently in the stars house Chat
  22. remember
  23. whats happening
  24. No title
  25. i am the meme dealer
  26. why did someone just mail me
  27. after sex i check my grades
  28. Conspiracy Theory
  29. Stars Support
  30. Vlog!!!! (Sorta)
  31. VLOG
  32. Nominated For 15th in Stars 505
  33. Croatia!!!!!
  34. U make my pussy wet
  35. No title
  36. sorry couldnt come to the phone
  37. why is everyone asking me to click buttons
  38. Will i be supported if i joined stars?
  39. am i able to join this stars
  40. Where did Stage8Teen go


Jun 16, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo
watch Daniel be like dead somewhere and yall are like "Omg!11!1!11 hes on BB luckyyyyyy"

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