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Met Trixie Mattel! (pics)

1stMay 12, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo

I also met Morgan, Kameron, Tempest, Chi Chi!
I talked with Trixie a lot. I asked her what her favorite moment of All stars was and she said leaving LOL.
she after said that she really enjoyed our chat because most just take a photo and leave!

Earlier in the day she was walking with Milk. I said hi and Milk responded but Trixie has ear buds in LOL. It was fun seeing her with her sep-terr (sp?) tho so that was cool
Milk was dressed up like one of those huge blow up men


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omg i want to go to drag con so bad
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Are you a trans girl?
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holy crap you're beautiful
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me @ Kelly's face
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You're gorgeous :) JourdanBabyXoXo
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:O wooow
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Ohhhh honnnneyyyyyyyy
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so much iconic
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Omg Kameron is so cute
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