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If you are supporting

14thFeb 9, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo
Heatherlum in the current stars you are just as smart as that cast.

Heather played the worst game i have ever seen someone play in my 3 games of Stars.
Heather ignored me or messaged me back with one “lol” for the first 3 days of the game even when i suggested an alliance to her. It wasn’t until her name started going around she started talking to me and even then she was very secretive and talked to me as if she was asking another person what to say.

Why is she still in the game? So glad you asked. Heather joined with friends. Simple as that. Someone who is going unnommed doesn’t mean they are deserving of the title in ANY WAY. In my first stars i went all the way to f6 unnommed yet i’ll admit i did not play a good game.

I’m not saying you have to vote this person or that person, but if your voting Heather know who your voting. She’s a great person but her social game was messy asf and he strategy was non existent.


It’s frustrating when nobody will acknowledge me >:(
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 9, 2018
oh this is tea i cant lie
Sent by iYBF,Feb 9, 2018

Jk get her.
Sent by Aerodynamics,Feb 9, 2018
Yeah because f6 unnomned is SUCH a terrible game
Sent by thewolfman,Feb 9, 2018
Well Jourdan, Im glad you made your true colors show. Not only have you called me a bitch but  your making this personal. You put my name out there way before i did yours. So its not my fault that the numbers did not lie with you. Its sad that your willing to throw a member of your own frat under the bus when I have never done that to you. As for my game play. Yes i had one. No i cant discuss it here right now but when stars is all over i plan on making a blog about it. But I wont be being nasty like you are.
Sent by heatherlum,Feb 9, 2018

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