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AHS Season rankings

Oct 14, 2018 by Jouix

atm APOCALYPSE is sitting between Roanoke/Coven

p/s/ read my Sarah Paulson character rankings!


Hotel should be higher but this is pretty close to facts.
Sent by greyconverse,Oct 14, 2018
I appreciated hotel more on a second watch greyconverse and think lily rabes cameo in devil night is unbelievably good

but I just found the season a bit too grotestue.. the spikey dildo scene.. the threesome sewing scene.. etc put me off =/
Sent by Jouix,Oct 14, 2018
Cult is too low. But otherwise good list
Sent by astone929,Oct 14, 2018
This list is good and bad. Cult is a VERY good season as a whole, the start is slow, but after episode 3 it's extremely good.

Asylum is way to high, it has aliens and is boring??
Sent by paul028,Oct 14, 2018
paul028 I enjoyed Cult but only reason I didn't put it higher was a lack of development in transition for Kai as a protagonist.. I think they should've explored his relationship with Bebe further to make it more realistic

tbh it was neck and neck for Asylum and murder house for me but the asylum characters edge it for me even though I adore characters like Moira and Addy in S1
Sent by Jouix,Oct 14, 2018

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