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Ranking Sarah Paulson AHS characters #9

Oct 14, 2018 by Jouix
I'll be ranking each of;

Billie Dean Howard
Lana Banana Winters
Cordelia Goode (nee. Foxx)
Bette Tattler
Dot Tattler
Hypodermic Sally McKenna
Shelby Miller
Audrey Tindall
Ally Mayfair Richards
Wilhelmina Venable

I've discounted her little cameos such as one of the Manson girls.
And in 9th place is........


I recently re-watched Freak Show and I must say I wasn't as enthralled with the twins on a second watch (I actually had a new found appreciation for Emma Roberts' character Maggie Esmeralda). Bette was just so naive throughout the whole season (bless her), her love for Dandy just smacked of desperation and was kinda creepy to watch. Her respect for her sister was the only real redeeming feature about this character.

I would've liked to see a power switch between the sisters at some point but Bette just remained the doormat in that relationship. She had some cute moments but doesn't hold a light to any of the other 8 characters played by Sarah Paulson.

10th - Shelby Miller:

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Sent by paul028,Oct 14, 2018
lana banana must win
Sent by Absol,Oct 14, 2018
skip to Lana #1 really
Sent by Natepresnell,Oct 14, 2018

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