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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stJan 26, 2013 by Jouix
Okay you may or may not know of this little trick to help you in maze.. if you don't then you're welcome!

By opening control panel > click keyboard > Put repeat delay on shortest + put repeat rate on fastest + cursor blink rate on fastest > apply these settings.

This is how people get incredible speeds whilst playing maze.. :L

Should I post the endurance one? :x



I can get like 800+ with full survivor time and I didn't even know this :/
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,Jan 26, 2013
yes! LOL :D
Sent by dylansthebest,Jan 26, 2013
I can get like 100+ with full survivor time and I didn't even know this :/
Sent by Inkread,Jan 26, 2013
the endurance one dont you right click then press ball and you auto get like 10 points for like every 1 second?
Sent by tayman14,Jan 26, 2013
no tayman14
Sent by Jouix,Jan 26, 2013
I've gotten 900 in survivor without this wat
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jan 26, 2013
Sent by LeXXXy,Jan 26, 2013
Um, it didn't work. Maybe it doesn't work on Windows 8, and yes I followed all the steps.
I got 100 on the practice link, which is better than my usual, but not the crazy 150+ people do when this works.
Sent by ThePinnapleGod,Jan 26, 2013
ThePinnapleGod maybe you got low RAM on your comp?
Sent by Jouix,Jan 26, 2013
Sent by blazermaniac94,Jan 26, 2013
yea i learned this a while ago
Sent by Xbac5,Jan 26, 2013
wow this is stupid because people can get high scores without it... i get like 850 without it
Sent by Ncklpagano,Jan 26, 2013
oh i should try!
thanks for this
For the endurance one, im not gonna try it cuz i think i do just fine lol and dont wanna mess it up
Sent by h1n1,Jan 26, 2013
"This is how people get incredible speeds whilst playing maze.. :L"

um no.
Sent by Turquoise1,Jan 26, 2013
Um yes Turquoise1 it's this method + good RAM :|
Sent by Jouix,Jan 26, 2013
I get really good scores without this lol
Sent by brosky17,Jan 26, 2013
this really has either no effect on my score, infact in some of the cases I've tried this it's actually just made my ball go too far
Sent by superkevin79,Jan 26, 2013
lmfao i just figured this out on my own last night.  and now everyone knows (dull)
Sent by streeter,Jan 26, 2013
Oh wow lol I suck ass at maze like practice link I get like 75-85... I did this and got 133 on practice link :O Thanks @Joiux
Sent by Nadar,Jan 26, 2013
yea already knew this
Sent by Jallina15,Jan 26, 2013
Sent by Qwertyioup,Jan 26, 2013
Can u plus ? Please :)
Sent by Tygrysek,Jan 26, 2013
._. I don´t use that lool
Sent by dubstar,Jan 26, 2013
as i didnt know this trick and still break 1000 with full survivor time/
Sent by hMzz,Jan 26, 2013
ty ily no homo
Sent by Kpnna,Jan 26, 2013
Sent by Sweet_susan,Jan 26, 2013
Thanks :)
Sent by Ev32,Jan 26, 2013
i've broken 900 before with full time and i have never noticed that..
Sent by iPartyGirl,Jan 26, 2013
Sent by OceanRay,Jan 27, 2013
i'm confused where in control panel is keyboard?
Sent by kasey2011,Jan 27, 2013
I figured out this maze this like a month ago and I went from scoring 300-500 in maze to scoring 500-700+. :P
Sent by Teddybear,Jan 27, 2013
where is keyboard i dont see it
Sent by drb00m,Jan 27, 2013
I dont see any difference tbh
Sent by Ireks,Jan 27, 2013
Sent by Stronger1,Jan 27, 2013
i do rly good in maze with normal time.. well i used to when i played regularly haha.. ill have to try this sometime:P
Sent by tyleror,Jan 27, 2013
thank you for never deleting this.
Sent by Qwertyioup,Oct 31, 2013
thank you, this is useful
Sent by iamremedy,Jun 16, 2016
thank you for never deleting this.
Sent by MightyGoober,Aug 25, 2016
hi! im from 2017
Sent by Stupendous,May 14, 2017
hey stupendous
Sent by NickpIsBack,Jul 10, 2017

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