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Haters gon' always hate

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Coronavirus Mar 20, 2020
Hey peeps

So who else is on lockdown?

I am now working from home for next 3-9months

Scary times!
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Lmao Dec 9, 2019
Didn't yall know only 1 vote per ip/account in stars

And anyone who uses vpn to cast hundreds of multi votes needs to get a life.. Why would anyone spend hours and hours logging into fake accounts for votes is just beyond me
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Who wants a gift Sep 26, 2019
From scottys shop only
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Tbh Apr 16, 2019
I think the mod system should be revised
Have like 3-5 'anonymous' mods to carry out day to day bans.. then have like a mod 'council' that could be publically known and they review / vote on appeals against unfair bans.

That way there's no hold up in getting people kicked off the site but it also adds a degree of security whereby multiple people are responsible for reviewing the evidence and making an informed decision. Also the council could be people who aren't as active as they can review stuff like once or twice a week.

I think mods in general get too much hate when people know who they are (justified or not) and it makes their jobs harder with so much public interference
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Stars? Dec 1, 2018
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Is it just me [PIC] Oct 24, 2018
imagewho didn't notice randomize's avatar on the SUM ME game? wtf
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