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19thMay 17, 2017 by Joseline
Taybear17 I love you, happy fucking birthday bitch <3

DEVVVV you crazy ass happy birthday hope you enjoy it and not take things as seriously on this day. And hope you finally get the sleep that you need so you aren't so grouchy bitchhhh love you

- Thumper91

Dev you're such a shitface asshole, but you're MY shitface asshole. I love you to pieces and you stay making me laugh. I do be slaying your ass in arguments but it's all out of love. Turn the fuck up and I wish you the happiest birthday you could ever imagine biotch

- Darriusdabest

Happy Birthday Dev! When we first met we HATED each other, but we ended up on a call together once and we became friends. You always keep it 100 and I love that about you. We may have a love/hate relationship, but I wouldn't ask for anything else. Don't be expecting anything now that you are 18 :p Love you Dev <3

- Druhhbby2

Happy Birthday Bitch! <3 You’re literally one the craziest people I’ve met on this site and that’s why I love you because you always make me laugh and when we join games together it’s a fun time even though we end up arguing half the time. I love the fact that you always stick up for your friends and have their backs no matter what, you’re 100% loyal and I know I can trust you with a lot of stuff I’ll make you your Andrea tribute soon for your birthday ILY <3

- GentlemanG

Happy birthday Dev!!!!! I do really love you and think youre an amazing person!!!! I feel like we met ages ago on ur first accounts like judd lover lmao! But anyway i hope you have the most amazing birthday ever, you deserve it <3

- brandt69

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY U GROTSKY BYOTCH ? i hope the older you get the more freakier you get (; but i love you so much dev and you always make me laugh in calls with ur loco coco self n i have hired Andrea Harrison to cum to ur house and fuck the living shit outta u. LOL jk but srsly i hope your birthday is as entertaining, fabulous, lovable and controversial as you are bbz!!! -spanks u 18 times- P.S. YASSSSSS @ BEING LEGAL AGE NOW I CANT BELIEVE U CAN BUY CIGS, LOTTO CARDS, AND OTHER 18 YR OLD STUFF!!!!!!!! have a fab day and year :) <3

- titoburitto

Yeah you bet! Tell him I said happy birthday or whatever

- brayden_

Dev <3 - Happy Birthday Babe xox . We have have been friends for a long time and now I love your personality. You’re so funny to be on call with, and even though your sense of humor is questionable, I still love you and your huge penis=] Thanks for the daily laughs, the daily jokes, the daily andrea gif, and the daily personal nudes via snapchat. You are truly an icon and I hope you have the best birthday ever. P.S: I don’t have 800Ts yet, however I will gift you soon as a late birthday present. Love you x

- deshonbannedisback

dev daddy happy bday i love u, have an amazing day & snap me ur cock thank you < 3

- katarinaducouteau

Happy birthday Dev! Its been over a year that I've known you and even though you were troublesome in the beginning I've grown to love you like a little brother. You have many great qualities that a lot of people wont notice but I can see them bright as day. Have a great 18th birthday, its a big one, and try to be a little less crazy for me wont you?

- chibideidara

You're a piece of shit and I can't stand you but happy 18th birthday. We've been friends for 2 years or probably more and I think I'm the only one from the BBC that still fucks with you lmao. I can't wait to meet up with you and eat your bussy. Love Marquita

- eyoomarcus

Hey dev! Happy birthday hoe. Enjoy your day. I know we used to hate each other but your so cool and so funny and I'm happy to be able to call you a friend now continue to slay bitch love ya! -Lamar

- LuckyLefty


Xoxo beautiful as ever
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Mine is the most sincere
Sent by Brayden_,May 17, 2017
Happy Birthday Taybear!
Sent by AllieBoBallie,May 17, 2017
you like it when people speak their minds??

you're a fuckin weirdo and i think you're a slag
Sent by bigred69,May 17, 2017
icon :)
Sent by titoburitto,May 17, 2017
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