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hey besties May 4, 2021
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wait why is my level white Jan 15, 2021
i havent been here in a while
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rewatched cagayan Jan 15, 2021
my cast ranking <3
18. Lindsey (ugly hair)
17. David
16. Sarah (cop)
15. Trish
14. Brice
13. Cliff (RIP)
12. Alexis (she had a funny clueless look always tho hehe)
11. LJ
10. Tony (so overrated)
9. Garrett (early boot but fun body to look at, good blindside too)
8. Morgan (lazy queen)
7. J'Tia (absolute legend just not physically <3)
6. Jeremiah (hot)
5. Jefra
4. Kass (mom)
3. Woo (king)
2. Spencer (daddy)
1. Tasha (educated queen mama)
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body Nov 20, 2020
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Zingbot Zings Sep 23, 2020
Kevin: I came up with a nickname that captures you perfectly and has a great ring to it. BOoooring!

Da’Vonne: You’ve done 3 seasons of Big Brother and 2 seasons of The Challenge. So I’m dying to know which reality show do you plan to lose next?

Tyler: What do you call someone who says the real winner gets the girl, not the 500k? A liar.

David: I can’t believe I’m here on Big Brother All Stars, and I can’t believe you are either.... David.

Enzo: What’s more pathetic than a man in his 40’s still calling himself meow meow? Nothing.

Memphis: Most people think of you as Dan’s number 1, but to me you’re more of a giant number 2.

Cody: You are a perfect 10, but enough about your IQ...

Dani: From your 1st season on Big Brother, you looked like an old pro, now you just look... old.

Xmas: What’s the difference between you and the holiday season. One is cold, stress inducing, and annoying. And one is... a holiday.

Nicole: I wrote a song for you. Here comes the brides, she loves to whine and cry. Every time I hear her voice I want to fucking die.
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Really anyone Sep 10, 2020
except cody or tyler would be good
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