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  2. Getting drunk is just like
  3. #manchestertogther
  4. A heart that's broke
  5. Me when I was tying to save T$
  6. Is stars
  7. Just watched passengers
  8. R.I.P summer 2018
  9. Having the best meal ever
  10. Saturday and I鈥檓 working :(
  11. Guys
  12. Way too hot
  13. How the fuck did
  14. So following about the hunger games idea
  15. Rando add this to hunger games
  16. After 5 years 9 months and 4 days
  17. This one is a bit funny
  18. 4 days off work!!!
  19. Enjoying a pint of guinness
  20. Why do i
  21. How can I watch US Netflix
  22. Thank you
  23. Vote for me please
  24. Vote for me xx
  25. Could u vote for me here please xx
  26. Roses are red
  27. Vote for me please
  28. Vote for me guys
  29. Yeah Toff won I鈥檓 a celebrity
  30. Cracked my phone screen
  31. Fucking hate working nights
  32. Is walkers/lays doing choose or lose me
  33. Logs in for the first time in like a year
  34. Im 17 btw
  35. Why are people not happy for me
  36. I have officially moved
  37. OMG :(
  38. I got so drunk last night
  39. Can't wait
  40. OMG the 100 is back


Apr 19, 2018 by Jordan009
What happens when you are under 50 health as it says you need more then that to join games


You can still join fastings and frookies but not frookies / hunger etc.

I tested it out because I wanted to see what would happen.. but nothing happened really :(
Sent by Girllover101,Apr 19, 2018

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