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  1. R.I.P summer 2018
  2. Having the best meal ever
  3. Saturday and I’m working :(
  4. Guys
  5. Way too hot
  6. How the fuck did
  7. So following about the hunger games idea
  8. Rando add this to hunger games
  9. After 5 years 9 months and 4 days
  10. This one is a bit funny
  11. 4 days off work!!!
  12. Enjoying a pint of guinness
  13. Why do i
  14. How can I watch US Netflix
  15. Thank you
  16. Vote for me please
  17. Vote for me xx
  18. Could u vote for me here please xx
  19. Roses are red
  20. Vote for me please
  21. Vote for me guys
  22. Yeah Toff won I’m a celebrity
  23. Cracked my phone screen
  24. Fucking hate working nights
  25. Is walkers/lays doing choose or lose me
  26. Logs in for the first time in like a year
  27. Im 17 btw
  28. Why are people not happy for me
  29. I have officially moved
  30. OMG :(
  31. I got so drunk last night
  32. Can't wait
  33. OMG the 100 is back
  34. Going to Gran Canaria
  35. Back home now
  36. Just had sex behind a cinema
  37. I still thing this message is funny
  38. What grindr has given me
  39. The world is probably going to die
  40. Are you serious

I don't understand how work thinks

Nov 13, 2015 by Jordan009
That I can finish work at 11pm get home at 12pm and then start work at 10am the next day so dumb going to be like 2 hours late because I overslept lol

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