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Hidden Immunity Bracelet riddle's got me confused.

Nov 26, 2011 by Jonofthefunk
(From greenrocker05's Survivor Nicaragua)

Clue 1 (just keep on searching and searching you might know that it is only there Blog! Blog ! Blog! you must understand my clue)

Clue 2 (the next Immunity was on a HOF before he was one of the four
BLOG! BLOG! BLOG!   Goodluck!)

Do these clues even make sense to you? Tell me what you think of this.


sorry but both of that immunity had been gotten by 2 castaways
Sent by greenrocker05,Nov 27, 2011
Sent by swimboy818,Dec 13, 2011
Sent by swimboy818,Dec 29, 2011

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