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My thoughts on the Cochran situation

Nov 3, 2011 by Jonofthefunk
I thought it was a good show overall. South Pacific's been a great season so far. As for the Cochran situation, I'd like too make a little mini speech here. I could sit here and say that it was a dumb move in retrospect. I could sit here and say that it made for some real good television. I could sit here and say plenty of things. But there's one thing I wanna specifically address. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I am a fan of the game of survivor. But when I say fan, I mean i'm a fan of 'the game'. I love blindsides, I love hidden immunity idols, I love flipping, I love flopping. But the one thing that nags me the most is when people in game get their panties in a wad from getting played. As we saw during the ending of last episode, Jim was calling Cochran a coward, and Brandon, who throughout the entire game has been the crazy person, patted Cochran on the back in a gesture of protection, signalling that his new Upolu alliance would keep him from getting beat up, like he's the nerd about to be picked on by a gang of bullies. Ozzy and the gang are acting like a bunch of brats. You got played, so suck it up and keep playing is what I always say in these situations. If you get emotional over people playing the game the way it's supposed to be played, then they are a bunch of morons and shouldn't be there in the first place. The fact that Cochran made a bad strategic move or not is irrelevant. It's how Savaii's talking down too Cochran like he's a child, and getting angry over being played in a game about lying and deceit is totally unprofessional and immature.


i hate cockrum
Sent by sw33t,Nov 3, 2011
I love him, i think that he made a big move, and it is too soon to judge how good/bad it is
Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 3, 2011
all i gotta say is that if because of this coach or brandon ends up winning this season I will drive or fly myself to the finale, run up on stage, and sucker punch cochran for ruining the season    +++
Sent by ap1da,Nov 3, 2011
i'm with the rest of the world when it come to vocalizing how stupid cochran is but i was talking to alot of people and looked on the inside if i knew i was fifth in a five person alliance and we went into the merge tied tribe wise i would have not ever no matter what you told me pull a frucking rock i'm okay with getting voted out but to like pull a pascal would be unimaginable but thats me so i don't blame him would have done the same
Sent by Glinda,Mar 4, 2012
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