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Aug 10, 2012 by JonF
by neno29079 27 min ago
i hope the next game is deal or no deal. only fair game at this point in the casting.


I would assume you would want deal or no deal too because you are utter shit at all the challenges too. You need luck to manage a good win.
Sent by neno29079,Aug 10, 2012
neno29079 u have played one game with me u dont know how well i do in challenges hun
Sent by JonF,Aug 10, 2012
jonF i only need to play one game with you to see how shitty you are.
Sent by neno29079,Aug 10, 2012
Neno29079 i dont take advice from newbs. Try winning 5 POV's in a frookies then we will talk :)
Sent by JonF,Aug 11, 2012

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