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1stJul 28, 2016 by Johneh


Bc hunger is shit
Sent by YasGaga,Jul 28, 2016
There SHOULD be mods, all should be publicized (aka nobody should able to mod secretly) to ensure accountability.

Multis ruin the legitimacy of the games and make them utterly pointless, especially Survivor, Hunger, and Stars (they only are nice in castings, when you luck out and join a game full of multis that die right away).

It was also nice that people weren't able to spread hateful racist, homophobic, sexist comments and people were held accountable, that there was consequences when it came to bullying and harassment.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Jul 28, 2016
randomize also needs to return though. If he's this disinterested, eventually, he'll stop paying for the domain and it will just go away on its own, which would be a shame, since it's a great concept.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Jul 28, 2016
this is randomize's fault so clearly LOL. I don't understand WHY people try to throw the blame on u. It was randomize who left his own fucking site for 4 months. even if we had mods, the site wouldnt run without an owner
Sent by LasVegas,Jul 28, 2016
LasVegas 4 months? More like 2.5 years... until I somehow got lucky and he replied to an email... then he stuck around for a few more months and buggered off again. He doesn't pay attention to this website at all, it's just idle income.
Sent by Johneh,Jul 28, 2016
Sent by ricardogv,Jul 28, 2016
I think I should be a mom I would only ban 6 people that doesn't deserve it a day lmao ya I would be a bad mod
Sent by Lissylion15,Jul 28, 2016
we need mods so i can recover delete2544's acc other than that, idc
Sent by KingGeek,Jul 28, 2016
Zakiyah Everette wins BB18.
Sent by mrcool,Jul 28, 2016
At this point i say no mods, i'm so used to it now and having mods was such a hassle.
Sent by iScotty,Jul 28, 2016
mods would not be able to clean up the months of damage that has been done to the website.  it would be unfair if someone got banned for saying a bannable word a year or two after saying it.
Sent by Zuelke,Jul 28, 2016
neither of the options says no mods
Sent by maxiphone27,Jul 28, 2016
I would say we should have moderation but if we ever get them it should be a new beginning. What you did before we had the moderators doesn't count but what you did after will.
Sent by Thirteen,Jul 28, 2016
We need mods. New users who actually want to play the game don't get their confirmation emails and people ruin games with vulgar language, pictures, multi and more. I think we need to get this site back to what it was and it could go for some updates. I think once mods come into play people will be more respectful of all users.
Sent by TheIconicBlackout,Jul 28, 2016

Although people such as myself can still win a fair game of Castings and Crookies can still be played fairly for the most part, Survivor, Hunger, and Stars are now completely pointless to play.  Fastings kind of are too.  I don't pay any attention to Frookies.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jul 28, 2016

I love this site (no shit I have almost been on it for 4 years) even after being banned 8 months and then being taken back during the period of April 2015 I liked the site not as much as I used to because the site was still worse than it was before but it was still fun now we hit November and everything goes to shit and I start taking breaks for long periods not coming on the site at all not playing games for a month and then playing one game and repeating it was only really until now that I started having fun on the site again and I think that was because I got used to how bad things are but even if I am used to them it doesn't mean they are good they could be better if you can find the right casting or crooks with no multis it can be fun but that takes weeks just to be able to find or be on when a fair game is filling so yes I really do want mods back

Poorly written but I just woke up and ranted
Sent by labobble,Jul 28, 2016
Mods 100%. We've seen what happens when the aren't any (.br, .es and now here)
Sent by hobnobgpro,Jul 28, 2016
There should be mods tbh
Sent by joshie1,Jul 28, 2016
Mods! Get all these multis banned, stop constant fast DC in the labs, ban people for cheating again!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jul 28, 2016
I'm for mods but I have a question for anyone who wants to start with a clean slate.

What about the multies? Would all the accounts be exempt, would just the creator of the multies be excused or would all the accounts be banned?
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jul 28, 2016

IF mods ever come back, there should be a 7 day period (as I think that's the time it takes IP's to clear) in which no bannings for multis take place so everyone's IP's can be clear, then after that 7 day period mods can start banning for multis/IP sharing.
Sent by hobnobgpro,Jul 28, 2016
no mods

i barely play games and blogging with no filter is fun
Sent by Steel,Jul 28, 2016
Bring back the mods #EndCheating #PermBanMultis #MakeTengagedGreatAgain
Sent by kyoot,Jul 28, 2016
We should have a mod for multis and cheating. But not banning people for dumb stuff
Sent by cswaggerr,Jul 28, 2016
it might be unpopular but before I became known as a moderator it was a lot easier to remain unbiased/fair in decision making. You'd think having your name out there would provide some accountability but it actually made it harder for me. you have people looking for free passes because you know them, people cozying up to try and gain some secondary power or just to try and get on your good side, or you have to think about how a perfectly simple decision could be painted as slanted even when it wasn't
Sent by Ghoul,Jul 28, 2016
and pretty much every moderator started to lose it once they got that filter of anonymity taken away from them. meltdowns, irrationality, etc. tended to become pretty common and made for an unstable moderator corps and an increasingly inactive one.

the only mods I can think of that seemed to avoid that fate were Noel (though she had rough patches, it took a while for the perfect moderator stigma to become cemented. Though i'm not criticizing her, i think she was the best mod the site has ever had)

and myself. I never let any one here get to me or took out frustration on users. But that's also because I was probably the most vanilla flavored moderator the site has had. Very few highs or lows, just a flat line. Though I think my second, short-lived stint trying to fix the DinoM era was pretty fantastic but I couldn't maintain it due to lack of interest in the site and personal issues at the time.
Sent by Ghoul,Jul 28, 2016
i also can't comment on the two after me because I don't remember who they were and I wasn't around to see very much if any of it. I just remember that randomize forgot to ever give them the tmod password so I had to like a month after the fact
Sent by Ghoul,Jul 28, 2016
I'm torn tbh
+ because it would be nice to see the cheating stop, & I really want someone to remove a blog of mine that wont delete lmao
but - because I've got used to it in shops and being able to post illegal designs is much better (I think it was dumb having restrictions like that in the first place)

Oh I guess it would be nice to not have to worry about one of the other competing shop owners stealing designs Scotty makes every time I post a new one as well (dull)
Sent by SexGoddx,Jul 28, 2016
Please have mods come in. this site is shit I've only just come back on this site after a long time
The reason everyone here hated the people in charge is because we all love big brother and in big brother we love the underdogs and hate those who oppress
I guess people decided you were like one of those ugly ass big brother alphas that everyone at home hates based on a few suspicious things they took to be suspicious
I know I've been banned once for absolutely no reason lol
Like one day I came on and I was banned and I was like 15 so I started crying because I didn't know what I did
It said I had multiple accounts (I didn't and still don't FYI unlike others)
Also I was never involved in the hate against mods but I didn't like what people were saying about them either
Yes we need there to be no cheating
Absolutely but if it could be done in a manner where things are done in a judicial way rather than banning right out of a hat that would be nice
People here felt threatened by those in charge
If we can organize a way to ensure things are done fairly that would be nice and also please don't filter people
You are the mod and some people want to talk to you every once in a while and making it so people can't talk to you creates distrust between you and the people
Please give the gays what they want and what we want right now is a tengaged that isn't ruled by corruption but rather a judicial sponsorship of stolen words
Thank you babe ;x
Sent by Philip13,Jul 28, 2016
Wasn't saying you were a stygma of corruption either.
Don't hate,
~Philip Christopher-Enzo
Sent by Philip13,Jul 28, 2016
But yeah please have mods come back for the sake of those who want it
For the small minority of people who respected you and still do
And for everyone else who has come to realize how necessary you are
Like please I joined this site 2 years ago and I did so because I was literally desiring an online big brother experience and lately I've been leaving periodically and exponentially because this site doesn't offer that anymore
Sent by Philip13,Jul 28, 2016
Cheat engines and multis suck , but then again it's nice being able to go on your friends accounts ... I also enjoy saying "bannable" words so it's a catch 22
Sent by Crayadian,Jul 28, 2016
fck mods
Sent by Mildew,Jul 28, 2016
Or have mods to moderate game but no rules on chat cause rules on chats and blogs are subjective and dumb as fuck. The fac of the matter is the only reason people get offended by half the shit on this site is because they might be a bannable offense. Chat and blog rules breeds nothing good.
Sent by Mildew,Jul 28, 2016
hobnobgpro the IP checker shows the date and time you log into each account, so the multis can be signed out and the mods would see if you used them again, when you used them.
Sent by JustMe,Jul 28, 2016
Mildew I wanted to get rid of the "harassment" rules and only have a rule against discrimination and porn....I was outvoted.
Sent by JustMe,Jul 28, 2016
only to control cheating in games

other than that i don't see a reason why we need them
Sent by MickJagger,Jul 28, 2016
Sent by Toast805,Jul 29, 2016
listen, you and I both are aware of what a piece of shit this website is. maintaining this shitshow is joke. there are a plethora of vile a despicable things that happen and nothing ever gets done about it (bonus points if y'all are in on it too, ofcourse) so my vote is NO MODS. let this website disitergrate and inspire something better suited for all of our sakes.
Sent by just25,Jul 29, 2016

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