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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


3rdNov 5, 2021 by Joee323
[THANK YOU SO MUCH 57.6% 😭😭❀️]

Imagine how tired we are….


I totally anticipated this set coming up before the finals, as they were not going to let me and Adam both be there together. We somehow managed to flip the house last DC and avoid this, but it caught up with us. Although I knew they were coming for me, I spent the day working with people to try and swing the votes another way but they weren’t having it.

I’ve really had to adapt how I’ve played this game. From laying low in the beginning, to having to work with new people and be more upfront and make sets and try to push things through. It has worked in my favour and has got me to this point in the game. I don’t have the privilege of skating through now because I do have a target on my back through surviving polls, so I really had no choice but to fight hard to try and put the game in my favour. Some people can’t be convinced though.

I’m so happy with how I’ve played the game and to have made it this far. To survive this poll and hopefully grab a chance at finals would be so amazing. Making the finals in this stars would mean a lot because I’ve done it on my own terms and with how I wanted to play the game personally.

Now it’s up to tengaged. I hope that you think me worthy. Thanks SO MUCH for the support so far it really means a lot.

Ily Adam ❀️


My best buddy
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βœ… GL
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Good luck :)
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gl <3
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