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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I began to let go of it.

2ndDec 11, 2010 by Joee323


first :)
Sent by AgentMaroon,Dec 11, 2010
bye :(
Sent by joe1110,Dec 11, 2010
We only just met.  You must stay ;(
Sent by BennyRobson,Dec 11, 2010
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Sent by 13KARL,Dec 11, 2010
Aww Joee<3 I'm gonna miss you loads<3
Sent by Sass21,Dec 11, 2010
Don't let the door hit you on the way out, you nasty ferret.
Sent by Shunta,Dec 11, 2010
awww :( good luck hun
Sent by Jenika,Dec 11, 2010
+12 :(
Sent by Abrogate,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by Pepper,Dec 11, 2010
no please no no no no no no no
Sent by Runner430,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by Realityshowfanisback,Dec 11, 2010
<3 loves u babe :)
Sent by TripleXXX,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by boyyo,Dec 11, 2010
*pins joe to the ground* you aint fuckin goin anywhere sunshine
:'( i'll miss you so much <33333 come back please soon
Sent by violeteyes,Dec 11, 2010
Gunna Miss Yaah :/ byeeee :(
Sent by Ross26,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by spongeboy541,Dec 11, 2010
AWWW dont leave :(
Sent by ZIMY,Dec 11, 2010
aw bye joe :( <3
Sent by Fiona89,Dec 11, 2010
bye joe <33
Sent by morganXXX,Dec 11, 2010
Nooooooooooooooooo :'[
Sent by joeyjones,Dec 11, 2010
love you joe!!!! ill still msg you :P
Sent by tyleror,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by TheRazz,Dec 11, 2010
+ cya n gl
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by Sarzzas,Dec 11, 2010
Awww man Joee :/

Have a great life!!!!!!! <3 And feel free to come back any time!!

Sent by tymu888,Dec 11, 2010
ugh... what a shame you are leaving.. I admire you for your loyalty, you are so supportive, you put others before yourself, you will be a great loss to this site. I hope you come back, I really do. But I wish you luck with everything you plan to do. <33333333
Sent by trishytrash,Dec 11, 2010
omg no :(
Sent by danny,Dec 11, 2010
i love you joee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( ima miss you <3.
Sent by anthony2011class,Dec 11, 2010
im gonna miss you joe :(
but i guess ill keep in touch with you on facebook or something.
gonna really miss you
ill plus your blog wen im back at home cos im usin ma phone atm
byee xxxx
Sent by JamieN8954,Dec 11, 2010
aww :(
Sent by heatherbear,Dec 11, 2010
You can't leave! Who will be my Paulo?? :(

I will definitely miss you! You always make me laugh, and you're nice and funny. :)
Do come back sometime. :D
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by Presumed,Dec 11, 2010
Aw :( We've played so many games together, but one of us was always out so early, I never got to talk to you. :(
Have a great life. :)
Sent by Brittney,Dec 11, 2010
joee it rlly sucks to c u go wit all the cool memories we had in castings, rookies, ect. and I wish u the best online and irl! We will all miss u and u will never be forgotten by me for u r the "dude wit the beach background" lol!

GL again,
Mikec51 ;)
Sent by mikec51,Dec 11, 2010
bye :(
Sent by posiedonrox,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by Ev32,Dec 11, 2010
I love you :(
Sent by dav_o_79,Dec 11, 2010
ily babe
Sent by markuskaus,Dec 11, 2010
I refuse to say goodbye, as I will make you return one day :)
Sent by Slizer107,Dec 11, 2010
Take care. Hope you'll come back in time...
Sent by tinabeena,Dec 11, 2010
Sent by connorthomson,Dec 12, 2010
Cya joee. It was nice meeting u in stars.
Sent by Bella777,Dec 12, 2010
Bye :\
Sent by Danteman453,Dec 12, 2010
Take care buddy!

Sent by imxrated93,Dec 12, 2010
You bitch, Leaving earlier than you promised. I hate you! SLAG!

Ahaa, got much Love for you Joee <3
I'll miss you!! <3
Sent by Nikkayy,Dec 12, 2010
aww, I'm gonna miss you Joee :(

Take care in the real world.
Sent by tbbars,Dec 12, 2010
:( Good luck!
Sent by Balls,Dec 12, 2010
Sent by Chemicalali,Dec 12, 2010
awww dont go :(
Sent by Bix123,Dec 12, 2010
bye but pleez come back nd visit
Sent by dilze2patel,Dec 12, 2010
bye mate :(
Sent by tommyg456,Dec 12, 2010
Sent by finegold,Dec 12, 2010
no IM SORRY my comment was for me to log off not u IM SORRY! lol
Sent by eee400,Dec 12, 2010
Sent by Juergen,Dec 12, 2010
Sent by toro,Dec 12, 2010
i love you joee :(
Sent by Sops,Dec 12, 2010
Bye Joe.......................Please COME BACK AND VISIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by survivorpika99,Dec 12, 2010
Peace out Joe. You're an inspiration to a lot of people :)
Sent by Aristotle,Dec 12, 2010
Sent by Questionable,Dec 12, 2010
Cool Blog Plussed.
Sent by Evan7431,Dec 12, 2010
awwww. see ya man.. i'll wear your Joker design with pride <3
Sent by funnylookinkid,Dec 12, 2010
Awesome blog! <3
Sent by JonoB,Dec 12, 2010
Bye and good luck! :(
Sent by kimmal8,Dec 15, 2010
Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :(
You are such a great guy and I wish you all the best. Hopefully, we'll meet again some day.
Sent by Ekatherinna,Dec 22, 2010

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