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!!! ~ Four Year Anniversary ~ !!!

Jul 16, 2013 by Joee323
Well I missed my 4 year anniversary by like a week haha wooops! So i thought i'd log on especially for it :)

So much has happened in my 4 years on here, i have met the most amazing people and i do try and stay in contact with a lot of you, it's just hard haha :( so i do apologise and i will try to come on skype more and stuff and text you !!!

I've even had the pleasure of meeting someone in real life from the site who i'm very close too


oh ur back on here heyyyy
Sent by Qwertyioup,Jul 16, 2013
Grats on 4 years lol
Not sure if its a congrats moment or a curse < 3
Either way props to you for surviving the madness for 4 years
Sent by o_Elle_o,Jul 16, 2013
Happy 4 years Joe < 3 ill post this in the stars comments
Sent by Vitamin,Jul 16, 2013
Sent by kimmal8,Jul 16, 2013
Joee323 coming on when I'm SLEEPING shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by Jouix,Jul 17, 2013

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