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Goodbye Now (:

3rdJan 1, 2013 by Joee323
Ok I left for about a week just now, because of Christmas and New Years but i returned today to see if i still wanted to be here, and it was nice seeing what was going on and who was around and stuff but i still see that i don't want to be here anymore, not for the time being anyway

There's exciting things that are happening in my life right now, from so many places and i'm looking forward to seeing where they will take me but i know i don't wanna be sat at the computer all the time anymore because thats basically what i was doing just spending too much time on here, it's a busy time for me and i wanna be out there experiencing it !

I've met SO many amazing people over my 3 and a half years of being on the site so many friends have come and gone and i've got to know some people that i will hopefully still know in many years to come, i've even had the pleasure of meeting one of my best friends on here in real life, and i'm very grateful to have had that opportunity < 3 I won't be completely untraceable, i will be on skype almost everyday to talk to people so don't think i'm vanishing off the face of the earth, those close to me have my facebook and my number,, and also if you wanna talk add this skype (joe.shawipod) since i can't get on my computer for a while now

I've seen this site for a long time now, i've watched it develop over the years and i've seen users on here grow into what they are now, i've never been one to get involved in drama because basically i think it's just so dumb, if you're being harassed on here there is a log out button you don't have to sit and put up with it if it's making you miserable,,, and also people who continue to have dumb arguments on the blogs page like omg don't you ever sit back and ask yourself why you're arguing over pixels with a randomer halfway across the world??? I think yall need to just enjoy this site and appreciate what people are doing for it, that has been my biggest issue while on here

I can see myself returning some day, i just don't know when that day will be, there will be people that i will really miss but i hope i've made a difference to this site, even if its a little one :x < 3

byee :) ty for 3 great years!


:( Dont leave ILY joe
Sent by jamjars,Jan 1, 2013
aww bye
Sent by soxroks247,Jan 1, 2013
and bye :-(
Sent by sahmosean,Jan 1, 2013
Awww :(
Bye and thanks for the gift :)
Come back soon though!
Sent by KittyTheEmolga,Jan 1, 2013
Sent by Baseball12,Jan 1, 2013
Joee323 Just quit the games and still check in whenever you want, just like I do :P Don't even feel the urge to try playing again :P
Sent by tymu888,Jan 1, 2013
i love you < 3 thanks for the gift today!
Sent by Vitamin,Jan 1, 2013
now who am I gonna beat everytime in rookies =[

Sent by Jouix,Jan 1, 2013
Aw  :( Gl Joe!
Sent by Tommeh208,Jan 1, 2013
Bye Joe32, if you never come back then I wish you all the best buddy < 3
Sent by Markb101,Jan 1, 2013
You will be missed.
Bye, Joe. < 3
Sent by Lucinda,Jan 1, 2013
Bye :( gl
Sent by Jacob_96,Jan 1, 2013
you were one of my first friends on here :'((
Sent by Marty68,Jan 1, 2013
Sent by nickp,Jan 1, 2013
bye :[
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Jan 1, 2013
PAOLO??? Nooooooooooooo! ='''''[
Pop on every now and then to let us know how you're doing. =]
I wish you all the best in life. You deserve it. :)
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jan 1, 2013
I'll miss you joe :(
Sent by MintCokeify,Jan 1, 2013
bye love ya
Sent by karim,Jan 1, 2013
Joe < 3 :(
Sent by BbDamian,Jan 1, 2013
Sorry to see u go :'(
Sent by sexykim25,Jan 2, 2013
Awww ily joee ;p
We haven't skyped in a while!
Sent by Anas,Jan 2, 2013
take care < 3
Sent by Meowcat,Jan 2, 2013
Sent by SPARTANJACK,Jan 2, 2013
fuck you
Sent by soda17,Jan 2, 2013

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