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♥ Joe ♥

7thJul 10, 2012 by Joee323
[19:25:10] Joe < 3s  Mel + Ella: imagine a human/dolphin hybrid baby LOL is that possible :x
[19:28:17] Joe Shaw :v: no joe i doubt that could happen :XXX
[19:33:09] Joe < 3s  Mel + Ella: LMFAO it'd be a mermain then though wouldn't it

[22:09:55] Jouix: watching barbie princess now LOL
[22:11:13] Jouix: I watched the first few mins :P
[22:12:13] Joe Shaw :v: did you love it :P
[22:13:42] Jouix: I'm watching bits every few mins I could watch it tbh :x

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