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Degrassi Next Class: Season 4 Thoughts.

Aug 31, 2017 by Jkjkjk15
- I don’t even want to do a favorite characters one here because I have grown to love almost every character. Yael has grown to be my favorite, though.
- Hunter is the only character I dislike. The way he pushed Yael aside multiple times pisses me off.
- One thing I have always loved about this show is that it tackles important topics. This seasons main one being terrorism... it’s sad that all Muslims are painted as terrorists.
- Winston and Goldi are so damn cute.... that is what was needed.
- I feel sorry for Esme... like she tries so hard, but it never works... and she is psycho. Despite it all I like her, and I am happy she is going to get help.
- Shay... SHAY... has sex? Wow.
- Yael is genderfluid.... That’s a Degrassi first! I’m so happy she is happy now.
- Zig/Esme/Franky... what a weird stage. LMFAO.
- Most of them graduated <\3. I’m excited and worried to see where the show goes, but I’m hopeful.
- The finale was sooo good, the best one so far. Mostly because it was a happy ending for once!
- This season was the best, 8.5/10. 4>3>1>2.


Omg literally my thoughts exactly!!!
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