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Degrassi Next Class: Season 3 Thoughts.

Aug 29, 2017 by Jkjkjk15
- Rasha is definitely my #1 favorite character.... she is so fucking good.
- I also love Miles, Grace, Zig, Esme, Yael, and Lola. I like *almost* everyone.
- Hunter is up and down for me... I like him, I hate him, so on. As of now he is fine I guess, but I have a feeling that won’t stick.
- I adored the Muslim theme this season... It was important at the time of release, and is still an important argument. I liked seeing someone struggle with religion or society, since I can’t relate. I enjoyed it a lot.
- I am still iffy on Goldie. She still kind of said she disagrees at the end, but as long they’re happy she is... cool but like WHAT? I understand religion blah blah but what.
- Maya’s downfall this season sucked. I do like her, so seeing her fall into a deep depression sucked.
- Tristan was the last person I thought would be in critical condition after the bus crash... I was shocked when they revealed it to be him. Going off of that, I am happy he is making a recovery, and even more happy him and Miles spoke.
- Grace <\3. Her illness breaks my heart, I hope she somehow overcomes it.
- Zoë and her family situation broke my heart... I can’t relate since my family is very supportive, but it made me empathize with people who weren’t as lucky as me.
- Finally, Maya’s suicide attempt. I knew it was coming, and of course she survived. I hope her character grows past it.
- Finale? 5/10.
- I enjoyed this season a lot, it receives a 8/10 from me. Improvement!

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