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The 100: Season 4 Thoughts.

Aug 24, 2017 by Jkjkjk15
- Probably a very unpopular opinion, but season ranking: 4>2>1>3.
- The season started off pretty boring for me, but by the time it got to episode 3 I was completely hooked.
- Characters that I disliked before/met this season but like now are Bellamy (Hated him season 1 and 3), Gaia (Indras daughter), Nyla, and Echo. Echo has the potential to become my favorite.
- Characters I dislike include Jaha. And only Jaha. He needs to ducking die.
- Shout our to my OG faves Raven, Octavia, Indra, Kane, Amori, Harper, and Abby! Clarke is ok, but I was never really her BIGGEST fan.
- Now onto the deaths... starting with Illea. Never sees for him since his introduction, bye. Roan was one that I kind of liked, but I had an on off relationship with him. I don’t reallt care that he died. Luna was one that I felt had so much potential... although she went crazy, I wish they found a way to keep her character. Lastly, Jasper.... the only character death this season that happened to an OG character. I would have been sad two seasons ago, but now I couldnt care less.
- I was shocked that only 100 (plus others safe in other places) survived. I didn’t think they would kill them.
- When Octavia saved Nyla (is that her name?) I was SCREAMING YASSSS!
- I was disappointed that they went back to space because I didn’t care for that aspect, but I’m happy it skips it all.
- That cliffhanger... I saw who one of the characters were aboard the ship and I’m pumped. And Clarke has a “daughter”? Wow. ALSO HOW DID SHE SURVIVE??
- This season was amazing.



jkjkjk15 what're ur thoughts on Monty bc I stopped during season 3 but he's always been my fav character (even though they don't even treat him as a main, he's only been in like half of the episodes which is BS)
Sent by awesome2210,Aug 24, 2017
awesome2210 Continue!!! I was never a huge fan of him, but I don’t necessarily dislike him... I guess I’m indifferent :/
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Aug 24, 2017
jkjkjk15 I will!! Idek why I stopped. And honestly I respect that, he doesn't get much screentime so I feel like most people would be indifferent to him. Tbh I'm surprised they killed Jasper off but haven't killed Monty lmao
Sent by awesome2210,Aug 24, 2017
Awesome2210 Yeah, sorry for the spoil. His character goes downhill, he actually becomes super unlikable. You will see.
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Aug 24, 2017
jkjkjk15 you don't have to apologize lmao I clicked on the blog and also I never liked him tbh
Sent by awesome2210,Aug 24, 2017

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