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Wentworth: Season 1 Thoughts.

Aug 24, 2017 by Jkjkjk15
- I LOVE Bea, Boomer, Frankie, Liz, Debbie, Dorlene or whatever and the Govenors assistant. I forget her name.
- Jacs may be the worst television character I have witnessed in my life, along with her usesless son.
- I felt bad that Meg was murdered, but I had a very on off relationship with her fiancé. Overall I decided I like him.
- Wentworth>Orange is the New Black.
- I got pretty sick of the whole season being based on a power feud, so I hope the future seasons stray away from it.
- How could I not talk about Debbie’s death? I was devastated because I lost two people this year, one to drugs and another to suicide. When Brayden forced Debbie to OD, then Bea tried to kill herself... I lost it.
- Jacs dying was probably the most fulfilling thing I have ever seen. I was so damn happy.
- I was not shocked to find out frankie killed Meg, but I was VERY shocked that Liz framed Jacs. What an icon.
- Overall, this show is pretty damn amazing.

9/10 for season 1.


Sent by DakotaCoons,Aug 24, 2017
DakotaCoons I’m not sure how big it is in australia, I’m assuming pretty big, but here in the US it deserves ALL THE HYPE, but barely receives any.
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Aug 24, 2017
I'm on season 4, honestly it get so amazing!!!

The deputy is called Vera btw!!
Sent by g1ng4,Aug 24, 2017
Sent by KayleighWinz,Aug 24, 2017
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Aug 24, 2017

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