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The 100: Season 3 Thoughts.

Jul 13, 2017 by Jkjkjk15
- Two of my favorite characters were ripped from my grasp. Lexa and Lincoln <3
- Out of the three seasons I had watched, this one was my least favorite. The whole concept of A.L.I.E was cute at first, but it got boring.
- I AM SP BITTER. THEY TEASED US WITH LEXA AND TOOK HER AWAY AGAIN. I knew she wasn't coming back obviously, but ugh.
- Y E S. @ Octavia still killing Pike despite him saving her life. What an icon.
- Is that "Go peace no kill!" Bitch named Luna or Lona? She has potential.
- Some favorites that either were introduced this season, or were never my favorites before: Indra, Amori (I think the girl Murphy is with us named something like this?), Murphy (I HATED him before), and Harper. (These are just new favorites, not all of them. I will probably make a blog about all my faves after I watch season 4).
- Characters I DESPISE now: Jaha and Bellamy. I never really liked either, but season 2 made me think they were ok... then this season ruined them again.

Overall, 7.5/10 season. 2>1>3.



I WATCH and yes to all of this
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Roshy yay someone else I can annoy with my middle of the night 100 blogs.
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i watch
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