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Greys Anatomy Season 2 Ranking.

Feb 14, 2017 by Jkjkjk15

12th. Richard Webber.

Honestly, the only reason he is this low is because 1. I don't care about him like I do the rest. And 2. He doesn't care about pretty much anyone but himself and Ellis.
Was 8/9 on my season 1 rank.

11th. Preston Burke.

Burke grew on me this season. He went from being my least favorite character because I hated him to one of my least favorite characters because everyone else is just too good. I wouldn't mind if he bit the bullet. When he got shot, I may have been like... kill him and give me a good character.
9/9 last season.

10th.  Alex Karev.

UGH, he is such a douche but I love him. The way he treats Izzie and George is terrible sometimes, but he has a heart and I can't wait for him to improve.
7/9 last season.

9th. Denny Duquette.

Is he considered a main character? I DONT KNOW, but he is amazing. Well, was. I knew he was going to die this season, or at least next, so I was expecting that. It didn't really kill me, but I wish he lived to actually become a character. Very likeable, but I can't put him any higher.
New character.

8th. Callie Torres.

I LOVE CALLIE! She may even be my number 1 in the future, but she is new and I'm still getting to know her. George and her are cute, but I don't think it's right... most excited to see how she is in the future.
New character.

7th. Isabelle Stevens.

#6 and 7 are interchangeable. This was a hard one... the only reason she isn't higher is because she annoyed me a lot this season... she kind of got bitchy, taking George's side in the whole sleeping with Meredith thing. It goes beyond that, but there's an example. I do know what happens to her in the future, and I do adore her, but this season she got an attitude I didn't care for, but overall great character.
4/9 last season.

6th. George O'Mally.

I love George, but similarly to Izzie he annoyed me a bit this season. It was as bad, and HE had the right to act somewhat how he did. Anyways, he is so sweet and I'm glad he has a girl.
6/9 last season.

5th. Derek Shepard.

Dr. Mcdreamy. I love Derek, but he has no right to treat Meredith how he did on the latter end of the season. He is a great guy OVERALL, so he falls here.
3/9 last season.

4th. Miranda Bailey.

Miranda went from a mediocre character season 1 to an EXCELLENT character season 2. She gained more depth and we got to see a more emotional side of her.
5/9 last season.

3rd. Cristina Yang.

Cristina also showed a more emotional side this season as opposed to being STRICTLY work. She had more empathy and wasn't as competitive, although she still was herself which was perfect.
2/9 last season.

2nd. Meredith Grey.

One of the BEST characters on television. Meredith is an amazing main character, and I feel like she represents a normal person who makes mistakes. She gets a lot of undeserved crap. Queen.
1/9 last season.

1st. Addison Montgomery-Shepard.

Addison was my favorite character in season 2 of Greys Anatomy. When she entered the show I HATED her for obvious reasons, but getting to know her she quickly became my favorite. Although she did cheat on Derek, she is one of the characters I have the most sympathy for. I am VERY happy she has her own show and will definitely watch that as well as Greys.
New character.


So that was my season 2 character ranking. I almost included Ellis and Olivia, but Olivia would have only beat Richard and Ellis would have been last, so I decided not to since they weren't main. I'm excited for the actual drama to begin in season 3.

Link to my season 1 ranking-


wtf season 2 was like THE izzy season I'm shocked she's not higher
Sent by Sweez,Feb 14, 2017
Sweez I love Izzie but I'm not her biggest fan
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Feb 14, 2017

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