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  4. Last night was the second night in a row
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  39. Thirteen
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Anyone want those glasses Nov 24, 2018
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All Stars 4 Ranking. Nov 11, 2018
I probably have an unpolular opinion, but let me preface this by saying I LOVE everyone involved, so this will be a fun season.

10th- Jasmine Masters- I HATED this bitch on season 7, but grew to love her off the show. That being said, I don't think she is well rounded enough to win this season.

9th- Latrice Royale- Everyone is saying Latrice will probably win, but once again I wasn't a fan of her on season 4... She grew on me outside of the show, but I like the rest more.

8th- Farrah Moan- She is iconic, I can't lie. She is annoying as hell sometimes, but she has some ICONIC looks, and I am ready.

7th- Gia Gunn- I don't think she will be doing good at all on this season, but I really like Gia and find her ignorance hella funny.

6th- Manila Luzon- Another queen I really enjoy the looks of. I don't exactly know why I love Manila so much, but I do.

5th- Valentina- I LOVED Valentina on Season 9, but off drag race my love has dwindled, but I do still really enjoy her. She did really well up until her elimination on her season, so I think she will do well, but she isn't my favorite anymore.

4th- Monique Heart- Brown cow, STUNNING! I LOVE Monique and she was robbed as fuck on Season 10, idc what yall say. I haven't seen enough of her to give her a top 3 spot, but hopefully this season changes that.

3rd- Monet X Change- Another season 10 queen I love. For some reason I really disliked Monet for the first half of season 10, but now I adore her. She is funny as hell and I love her looks. She is actually my predicted winner.

2nd- Naomi Smalls- I feel like people will disagree with her being so high, but she is a motherfucking ICON. Her looks are phenomenal, she is funny, she is IT.

1st- Trinity The Tuck Taylor- Easily my favorite. I do think she will be the robbery of the early season (first 2-3 episode boot) because my favorites always are in all stars. *Glares at Thorgy Thor being ROBBED). Trinity serves looks, she is HILARIOUS, and is an all around great queen don't @ me.

This is based on how much I like them, not my predicted boot list.
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Wow my 5 year anniversary was a few days ago Nov 9, 2018
I rarely am on anymore and usually am only checking up when I am. This place isn’t like it used to be, and it’s sad. Just waiting for the day that I log off for good, it’s inevitable at this point :(
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Last night was the second night in a row Oct 22, 2018
I dreamed i was a pornstar. Is the universe telling me something...
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Read + Watch The Hate U Give. Oct 21, 2018
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What’s your top 3 favorite (scripted) shows? May 9, 2018
Mine are easily The 100, American Horror Story and Wentworth. Once Upon a Time and Glee are also up there.
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