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Am i the only onevote Mar 21, 2018
Excited for Angela on The Challenge 32?
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Wtf does jajajaja Mar 18, 2018
Mean is it just like Spanish hahahaha LOL
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Love, Simon. Mar 17, 2018
Go see it.
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Wentworth: Season 5 Thoughts. Mar 16, 2018
- This season solidified this show as my all time favorite. Yes.
- Allie is probably still my favorite character, but Procror and Frankie are right behind her. So many characters i love.
- Despite what we’re supposed to believe, I like Sonia LMAO. I appreciate her as a character, and don’t think she is necessarily a villain.
- On the opposite end, I fucking hate Ferguson. That is obvious.
- Beas death at the end of season 4 broke me, but it was necessary. Still took me a bit to get used to it.
- BRIDGETE AND FRANKY <3<3<3 when FRANKY yelled i love you i lost it.
- I loooooove Vera. Like, she is amazing. I do feel bad for Jake, though. He was a puppet.
- Can we talk about Proctor and Liz. The two least likely to murder... ATTEMPTING MURDER.
- I really hope Franky gets what she needs. She can’t be locked up again. Fuck Iman.
- I don’t think Sonia is dead, but i do believe Ferguson is.
- I really hope Dorene is out for good, and i want a glimpse of her in the future. Also, MAXINE NEEDS TO COME BACK!
- This season was a 10/10.
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Marijuana. Good or Bad? Feb 15, 2018
Sexgoddx made me curious, so I’m just wondering what everyone’s view on weed is.

I, personally, see nothing wrong with it.

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Bad Girls Club: Season 3 Thoughts. Oct 4, 2017
Terrible. I knew it was one of the worst seasons due to friends telling me, but I had to watch.

Amber M- She was nowhere near as bad as everyone in the house made her out to be. She deserved none of that hate, especially the way they all jumped her for no reason in Mexico.

Amber B- I really didn't like Amber the first half of the season. I still don't LOVE her, but she is better than most of the girls. I gained respect for her at the end.

Sarah- She was the only one in the fabulous 5 that I didn't dislike. She was annoying at times, but I feel she was the most mature... even though she flashed anyone who asked.

Kayla- I was happy when she left, but after that is when everything REALLY went downhill. I realized I liked her, but it was so random she became best friends with the ones who got her kicked out. 

Whitney- She was definitely my least favorite at the beginning of the season, but she showed she wasn't AS terrible as the ones below her. She was kicked out for kicking Amber (Because she was dancing in a night club???...), so yeah. VERY annoying, but not the worst.

The bottom 3 all suck equally, but I do have slight preferences. The Terrid Trifecta.

Tiffany- The "mom" of the house. This girl was damn near the most immature. She went off on Amber M fro no reason when Amber expressed her feelings about being touched when drunk, and that is when my hatred really grew. The only reason she is above the other 2 is because she at least apologized and got along at the end, but ruined it again at the reunion.

Ailea- I really wanted to like this cunt, but everything about her is terrible. She is a follower, only ever going after the Amber's when she had back up. She dated a man that was 30 years older then her because she has issues being confident, then cheated on him with more ugly men... She was all around terrible. She got what she deserved when Amber made the sole decision of her leaving. I did feel bad for her during the reunion, though. Perez really did come for her A LOT!

Ashley- The only reason she is last is because of the reunion tbh. When she came into the house I liked her, but that quickly changed when she joined the fab 4. She then became a follower, hating the Amber's because everyone else did. Then she tried acting tough at the reunion, calling out Kayla for no reason. She was nothing but a lackluster replacement who wanted to be bad.

So yeah, it wasn't the worst season in all honesty, but I still was not a fan.
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