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No title Oct 11, 2019
Team Kelly:
Shane Q vs Melinda
Alex vs Injoy
Hello Sunday vs Lauren
Damali vs Brooke
Gracee vs Brennan

Team Gwen:
Elyse vs Myracle
Kiara vs Royce
Jake vs Steve

Team Legend:
Khalea vs Zoe
Matt vs Max
Destiny vs Katie
Will vs Jared
Marybeth vs Dane
Preston vs Mendelyv

Team Blake:
Callie vs Elliemae
Josie Jones vs Kat Hammock
Ricky vs Jordan
Joanna vs Matthew
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celebrity big brother Sep 25, 2019
was canceled after Tamar won and they decided to rig for Michie so a racist would win <3
surprised but not shocked
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If Jackson wins Big Brother Sep 15, 2019
let's pretend the whole year of reality tv didnt exist. Chris Underwood winning Survivor by being in the game for like 12 days total, Jackson winning when they eliminated slop because of his tantrums. The only positive this year was Tamar winning celeb bb which is probably getting canceled this winter because they are mad a black woman won unam
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Kendyl Sep 14, 2019
thekendyldiaries  you are going to jail gl sweetie
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Don't Call Me Angel Sep 13, 2019
boring and dull song. Once again Ariana is a disappointment. seems like her music is going downhill. she needs like 9 writers for songs anyways and produces this garbage lol.
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thank god Rita Ora Sep 13, 2019
did contribute to Charli because she would have made it 10x worse than it ALREADY is
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