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Does Anyone know. . . . . Aug 22, 2009
Who won HOH on Big Brother Usa
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Im Cursed!!!!!!!!!! Aug 22, 2009
Day 7 is cursed for me. I never get past it :( I got way pissed the last time cause i think i was more active then most people there and then day change happens and then i take 7th. Lol thats Bullcrap. I only needed to 6 karma and you only get 5 karma for 7th
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Big Brother (Sookie) Aug 19, 2009
Okay so my sister had her wedding yesterday and right before it started the groom told my sister that he had slept with my other sister the night before :( my sister started crying and yelling at the both of them. I would of too thats horrible i thought he was cool but not no more
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Big Brother USA Aug 18, 2009
Im the host and everyone please sign-up here is the link
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Okay im Jets_Rock34 Aug 17, 2009
When i got banned i barely started a game and look at this
this is the best i have ever done in a rookies game :)
It looks like i do better when i dont play at all
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How Cute Is This. . . . . Aug 17, 2009
Jeff and Jordan are engaged. Im so happy for them. They make a cute couple and plus i bet one of them will most likely get the Half a million dollars
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