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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Wow I really needed that blog

Nov 24, 2020 by JetsRock12
Thank you J2999 and good morning to you!


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lovelykiss IVE. CHANGED
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AJ <3 馃ぉ
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16th: Brandon/Mistercokehold8 - RIP. You were someone that didnt really reach out and when I found out Marwane was on the chopping block I had to step in and try and push another target.

15th: Adam/Mradamman22- They got you :(

14th: Grace/Pinkiepie512- Ugh :(... Whyyyyyyyyyyy. I was really excited when I saw you in the cast and was hoping we would be swapped or make merge together. I do get that you got busy with another org and I hope you are SLAYING ittttt.

13th: Marwane/Marwane- I tried to get people to change their minds on targeting you because of your inactivity. I tried, but I didn't want to try too hard to put a target on me. Sorry. :(

12th: Pete/Letal- Didn't get to talk with you much.

11th: Patrick/GrrrImABear- I was nervous how the game was gonna go for us because I remember our last game was uhhhhhhh.... I just don't think we were ever on the same side, but I do think we would have worked well together this time if you didnt become inactive and get medevaced.

10th: Nathan/Nathorix- Im sooooooooooo sorry. I definitely feel bad for murdering you twice back to back. The first time was because you were the only OG from the OT and I didn't know where you stood with them. I felt pretty confident everyone else was gonna remain somewhat loyal to me.

9th: Chris/Christossss- I didn't want to and I was gonna try and do everything I could to keep it off you, but when you didn't do the same I didnt want to put a bigger target on my back by trying to keep you around so I had to let you go. I wish things would have worked out different.
8th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234- I feel like we were targeting each other since merge. If you stayed in the game too long I knew you had a chance to go all the way and win it.

7th: Alfie/Crazybone5000- Damn I really wanted to work with you after we bickered at the auction, but by that time I was already aligned with basically everyone else and didn't want to make an unnecessary alliance and burn you too bad. 

6th: Kevin/Thekevmiester- One of the boots I feel worst about. I had my ride and dies in Ben and Jan so I knew that you and Oliver were next. Then that day I heard you guys made a chat and wanted to split on Jan and I so then it became You vs Jan/Me and I knew Jan had the idol so it was Me vs You. A couple hours before tribal you came to me and I knew you were gonna suggest Ben and I couldn't do that either. Sorry man. I really enjoyed playing with you though. Hella fucking loyal. Sorry I wasn't back to you :(

5th: Oliver/EvictionFreak- I don't think we talked at all like once this whole game LMFAO. ICONIC. Grats on slaying your way and making all the correct connections.


Ben/Bigben1996- We've played two games together now and we literally MURDERED everyone both times. Last time I was the VILLAIN and murdered you too, but im sooooo glad i redeemed myself this time. You are always a great ally and I will be SHOCKED if you don't win this game.
P.S Im writing this before tribal council and I swear to God if you make me make a fire against Sean imma be glaring from the jury seats sooooo hard for at least 15 minutes.

Jan/DarkTyphoon23- We are born on the same day so OF COURSE we know how to slay a game together. If I'm sitting in finals with you this will be our second finals together :D. Last time Chris was the one who ratted how his other alliance and what they were doing  and he won.. This time you did that same thing and I wouldn't be shocked if you brought home the victory also.

Sean/Caliboy- Ily sean <333333. Im sooo glad we got to work together this WHOLE game and I cant wait for the next game we get put together in cuz you will be someone I want to work with INSTANTLY. You've always been someone I liked and got good vibes from and Im not shocked we worked well together :)
Sent by JetsRock12,Jan 29, 2021

Hey guys. This was my first group game in over a year and I had sooo much fun playing. I applied thinking my work schedule was going to be 5am-5pm, but it turned out being 5pm-5am, but I still made time to make it work. I've NEVER been the best at typing speeches and ofc I'm writing this VERY last minute so i apologize in advance.

Pre-merge - I saw my tribe and was instantly nervous seeing Ben and Patrick on it because I remember not being the best person to them in previous games. I messaged them and reconnected and made up. I messaged Sean and Marwane also and built friendships with them. I did apply to another group game that Kevin was in, but it got cancelled after the first tribal LOOOL so i knew him from that. I made my first F3 of BigJetsBoy that made it all the way to final 4. <3.

Post-merge - Day 1 of merge I made my second final 3 (Jan and Ben) and that was gonna be the final 3 that I was most loyal to because I LOVE JAN and I needed to redeem myself to Ben from our last game. I knew my ideal F5 was Sean/Me/Ben/Jan/Christosss. I tried combining forces, but my allies and Christosss's allies were not on the same page the first tribal and when I didnt vote with them it sealed our fate of not being able to work together. Besides Jan who would give Ben and I the tea on who Eli and Christosss were targetting. Shoutout to Kevin for being super loyal and i felt super bad for murdering you at final 6.

Advantages- I got a Steal a vote advantage and an idol pre-merge that I held on to until I had to play them cuz they were about to expire. I even held onto the idol knowing the day Christosss got the boot that I could have EASILY got the boot if Kevin decided to flip, but he didnt <3. I also won the extra vote in the auction that I used correctly at that tribal.

Final 4- This was tough. Ben and I talked about this situation before it even happened. We agreed that whoever didn't win immunity out of the 2 we would send home. I know Ben wanted to take me over Sean because he thought I disappeared for a lot of the game, but I don't think I did. I was always there talking to the people I needed to talk to to make sure I knew what was going down and if I needed to play an advantage to save myself or him. Sean I am sorry for cutting you off right here, but I wanted to redeem myself with Ben for what I did to him in a previous game.

I'm excited to hear what you guys have to say and answer any questions you all have.
Sent by JetsRock12,Jan 29, 2021

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