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  2. Who all remembers
  4. 8-1 MINORITY
  5. 8-1 MINORITY
  6. Whoever says the nicest thing about me
  7. What is dead
  8. The night is dark
  9. Got the screenshots
  10. Corey
  11. If you didn’t give him my phone number
  13. Where was my invite?
  14. Coreyants
  15. Betted 10 on you
  16. Right when I think Tengaged
  17. I’m sooooo scared
  18. Do I join my first frooks
  19. Got drunk last night
  20. Unpopular Opinion
  21. Why is it
  22. He banned the RIGHT person
  23. Not gonna lie
  24. About to go downstairs
  25. -15 bitchhhh
  26. -15 you obsessed CUNT
  27. Survivor Ranking
  28. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  29. It’s kind of sad
  30. Stars Premade
  31. All the shows I’m watching Ranking:
  32. Stars Support
  33. Marcus rlly?
  34. The Curse Is Over
  35. I was excited to watch survivor
  36. Which season of Drag Race
  37. Gotta Clean The Gutters
  38. Just finished watching The Red Wedding GOT
  39. Popping in in 5
  40. This is MY time


Apr 24, 2019 by JetsRock12
Deserves all this. HAHAHAHA


he sure does
Sent by DaddyDev,Apr 24, 2019
Corey, you need to take a few steps back cause im about to start online swinging, bitch. You have the audacity to Skype me “IM DONE WITH YOU!” “Why aren’t you plussing me?!” & “fuck you” cause im not RIGHT on it. I won’t plus you, cause as soon as I fucking joined you categorized me in with the “ruiners” you rly need to take a step back & look @ the bigger picture cause i was fucking playing GTA w my IRL friends cause I actually HAVE friends, the same ones I go hangout w every weekend when you harass me to play brantsteeles. I’ve always defended you even if I do “drag you” sometimes cause you deserve it. So, shut the fuck up and stop coming at me over your crookies getting ruined when that’s exactly what you did to Marcus. Indirectly or directly, you did.
Sent by joey96,Apr 24, 2019

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