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  1. I’m sooooo scared
  2. Do I join my first frooks
  3. Got drunk last night
  4. Unpopular Opinion
  5. Why is it
  6. He banned the RIGHT person
  7. Not gonna lie
  8. About to go downstairs
  9. -15 bitchhhh
  10. -15 you obsessed CUNT
  11. Survivor Ranking
  12. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  13. It’s kind of sad
  14. Stars Premade
  15. All the shows I’m watching Ranking:
  16. Stars Support
  17. Marcus rlly?
  18. The Curse Is Over
  19. I was excited to watch survivor
  20. Which season of Drag Race
  21. Gotta Clean The Gutters
  22. Just finished watching The Red Wedding GOT
  23. Popping in in 5
  24. This is MY time
  25. I’m in a 8-1 Minority
  26. I’m in a 8-1 minority
  27. Im popping in
  28. I’m only a sheep to 1 person
  29. I’m Stuck :(
  30. You know who I hate?
  31. Last few minutes for gift giveaway
  32. Back to work gift giveaway
  33. Before
  34. Umbrella Academy Ranking
  35. I’m apart of the purple hair club
  36. Are there any orgs
  37. Can this next stars pls be mine?
  38. List of people’s blogs I neg
  39. Survivor Maryland Rankings
  40. Survivor Michigan Rankings

List of people’s blogs I neg

19thFeb 28, 2019 by JetsRock12
When I see them blog
daddydev I lowkey think he’s hilarious tho, but -15
coreyants cunt
I’ll keep adding when I remember


yay no more mbarnish1
Sent by mbarnish1,Feb 28, 2019
i am hilarious
king of negging
Sent by DaddyDev,Feb 28, 2019
Sent by Thumper91,Feb 28, 2019
mbarnish1 - I’m over being petty towards you king :*
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 28, 2019
Sent by rowjone,Feb 28, 2019
Wow sup yall
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Feb 28, 2019
you're disgusting

and unfollowing me on insta? unacceptable

literally you're just hating on ALL my friends LOL dumb bitch
Sent by coreyants,Feb 28, 2019
I clearly don’t get on insta as much as I should since I should have unfollowed you a long time ago. Your friends suck almost as much as you. You’re a bad friend and I’m not shocked ALL your friends are listed here ;).. Adios Dumb Cunt :*
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 28, 2019
you knew they were all my friends when you made a list

goodbye fake bitch
Sent by coreyants,Feb 28, 2019
I feel robbed from the list !!
Sent by J2999,Feb 28, 2019

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