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  1. Corey is shook
  2. If you think the pics
  3. Save me when I get nommed in Stars
  4. Do i expose the premade?
  5. Give me good movie ideas
  6. Playing Solo Fortnite
  7. Omg tell me what happened
  8. I’m obsessed
  9. Fuck marry kill
  10. Watching BBCan Season 1
  11. Can’t wait to pop into stars
  12. I’m The Weed King!
  13. Utah Passed The Ballot
  14. Why does everyone
  15. Rememeber When
  16. -15
  17. Grats on winning trs
  18. Abigail did NOT deserve that
  19. Oh my god
  20. Movin onnn
  21. The A Stands for
  22. Alanb1
  23. -15
  24. Yeah so jealous
  25. Gotta love when a racist queen
  26. I have 189 ts
  27. Admin
  28. Wow that 2 week ban
  29. Australian Survivor
  30. You’re fake
  31. I’m so tired
  32. Is k4r4k
  33. Natepresnell
  34. Chris
  35. Caught Up On Survivor Australia
  36. First
  37. Ranking Rugrat Movies
  38. Tbh
  39. People Who Have Snatched My Stars Win
  40. Where do I watch the latest episode of the..


Sep 29, 2018 by JetsRock12
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?

Do you think the United States is headed in the right direction or do you feel things have gotten off on the wrong track?

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