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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jan 4, 2014 by Jerard
THE THEME OF THIS WEEK IS : "The Fantasy World"

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#KarlieKloss is looking amazing!
Sent by Caitlynn7,Jan 4, 2014
#JoshHutcherson looks stunninh
Sent by kkoster001,Jan 4, 2014
#BarbieBlank has an AMAZING Shoot
Sent by SummerRae101,Jan 4, 2014
#tyrabanks looks AMAZING! she is in FANTASY land!
Sent by Kaushal,Jan 4, 2014
Sent by MichaelRamey,Jan 4, 2014
#tyrabanks has the BEST shot in the bunch
Sent by PSULucky,Jan 4, 2014
#tyrabanks. This is what I call HIGH FASHION!
Sent by kavalle,Jan 4, 2014
#tyrabanks looks the best
Sent by winner132,Jan 4, 2014
#BeyonceKnowles   This is absouloutly AMAZING!!!
Sent by aliumair,Jan 4, 2014
#tyrabanks. This shot is breathtaking!
Sent by Boots22,Jan 4, 2014
#BarbieBlank is the BEST
Sent by SummerRae101,Jan 4, 2014
#JoshHutcherson looks amazing.
#TyraBanks isn't doing so hot.
Sent by JustDance001,Jan 5, 2014
#JoshHutcherson looks amazing.
#TyraBanks isn't doing so hot.
Sent by ShelbyRawr,Jan 5, 2014
#JoshHutcherson looks amazing.
#TyraBanks isn't doing so hot.
Sent by Superluv100,Jan 5, 2014
#KarlieKloss looks amazing.
Sent by Carlisle,Jan 5, 2014
#JoshHutcherson looks trashy
and #TyraBanks look old eff
Sent by Caitlynn7,Jan 5, 2014
#joshutcherson doesn't have the wow factor
Sent by kavalle,Jan 5, 2014
#KarlieKloss is looking amazing
#joshhutcherson and #tyrabanks look old and trashy
Sent by holllyy1230,Jan 5, 2014
#joshutcherson looks bold and WIERD!! I think he has the WORST shot!
#karliekloss doesn't look like she is in FANTASY LAND!!
Sent by Kaushal,Jan 5, 2014
#joshhutcherson and karliekloss has a trashy pic!! They DON'T look good!
Sent by PSULucky,Jan 5, 2014
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Jan 5, 2014
#tyrabanks < 3
Sent by ParvatiS,Jan 5, 2014
#KarlieKloss looks flawless!!! #JoshHutcherson and #TyraBanks looks old and fugly
Sent by Vitamin,Jan 5, 2014
#joshutcherson has the worst shot in the bunch! I HATE this shot
Sent by Boots22,Jan 5, 2014
#KarlieKloss looks flawless!
Sent by Minie,Jan 5, 2014
#BarbieBlank looks trashy
Sent by Minie,Jan 5, 2014

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