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11thOct 3, 2013 by Jenii_Valenta
ill try update as soon as i can.

GentlemanG I'm not sure weve ever spoken =L or maybe we have but ive seen you around and you seem nice I suppose!
alireza1373 I had no idea who you were until like 2 months ago and i find you really annoying even though ive never actually spoken to you and thats all i have to say, LOL! 
SexyBanana I admit i used to literally not like you atall but youre a genuine sweetie and its been good getting to know you better recently + your designs are better than ever and still getting better
Vans LOL I don't resent you atall for beating me in stars mainly because it wasnt your fault that I was spammed out and also because you were kinda unfairly banned, so it was unfair on both of us. You seem nice though even though weve never properly spoken!
Thumper91 Idk you well enough sorry D= but ive seen you around and you seem like a sweetie and you saved me in stars so i automatically like you!

Michaelf1114 I don't think we've ever played before or even spoken but im always down for making friends so we should talk some time, LOL!

Cornelia IDK if we've ever spoken unless we did ages ago but youre in nattie/hints friendship group I think and i love them both so we'd probably get along too =L

m4tt SPAZ jk youre funny and im really glad we're friends even though youre an annoying fat toad.

Jadennator1 We've never spoken atall.. probably due to us having completely different friendship groups. The only thing i know you from was cindy doing your italian homework and talking about it in the socialites, LOL! We should talk sometime i guess

Lucinda Vitamin I don't actually like either of you, so.
_Aria RIA =L I'm never sure where we stand and I feel like you feel the same way but I genuinely think youre really funny and we always get along whenever we have a chat. We used to be really good friends and I miss that but I'm glad we still talk because i genuinely do class you as a good friend on here!!!!!!
tonym101101 Hubby! You're a sweetie and we get along really well. I feel like we should definitely talk more often though D=
LacrosseAllStar I'm not wasting my time on expressing my opinion a psychopath who is clearly obsessed with me and really annoying soz
Dmann I genuinely like you as a person despite what you might think. We've crossed paths a few times recently and we've had so much random drama that I never know where i stand with you. I don't have any resentment towards you though and i feel like we should probably talk more often

Mikec51 You like Miranda so that automatically means you obviously have a good sense of humor! We've never spoken really though =L I've definitely seen you around and you seem like a genuinely nice person!

doodleshugh LOL i remember you from ages ago and being friends with Molly and thats all I actually know you for. But you seem funny and i don't have any problems with you whatsoever!

hobnobgpro We've probably had drama in the past but honestly I've forgotten about it if we did so I don't have any hard feelings towards you. We've kinda known eachother since we were noobs which is cute and thats all i really have to say =L We should talk more though!
mattmon3365 I think you're a real housewife? Idk but i don't really care since I think youre a genuinely decent person regardless and thanks for never stealing from my shops!
Music I've never spoken to you but ive seen your top blogs about music and thats all i really associate with you but you're never in drama so you're probably nice and we'd get along, LOL!
XRyn0618 Again I don't generally talk to a lot of people outside my friendship group but ive seen you around and you seem like a sweetie! I think it was you who made a vlog with your sister ages ago (i'm probably wrong) but we should talk more!

Imthtawesom We've never really spoken but i feel like you don't like me for some random reason. I genuinely don't have a problem with you atall though and I remember when we were both noobs and used to talk kinda often I think and i remember when you used to be a plastic too, LOL!

TylerTheGreat I don't really know you sorry =[

Wumblebee You know how I feel about you spaz ily


Oh hi!
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eat my shit
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you look like a toad
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mikec :D
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Me :)
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me whore
Sent by wumblebee,Oct 3, 2013
are you joining stars? :D
Sent by Admir,Oct 3, 2013
Admir if you read the blog a lot of these arent positive opinions and no im not
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Oct 3, 2013
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Sure :)
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hey me
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idk lol hi
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me even tho i doubt you will go this far down xo
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ok :)
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I was jkin xo

me btw for lol
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