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Jenius Life

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there has not been Nov 16, 2022
imagea casting/frooks/normal rookies that ive wanted to join in like a month. what am i still doing here?
Points: 47 2 comments
trying to figure out Nov 15, 2022
imagehow to secure tickets for taylor swift with a budget of thirty dollars #strategy
Points: 13 1 comments
when i was a kid Nov 14, 2022
imagei though perez hilton was a fictional celebrity written for the victorious episode where they skype on a plane. so imagine my surprise when i learned he was not only real but evil too
Points: 62 2 comments
mental preparation Nov 14, 2022
imagefor my first black friday in retail begins tonight
Points: 36 3 comments
Paige Distranski BBCAN4 deserved better Nov 12, 2022
Points: 79 5 comments
queen elesa Nov 12, 2022
just destroyed me in pokemon black her mind
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