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Jenius Life

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Noelle Lambert Nov 23, 2022
Points: 17 2 comments
Deal or No Deal Nov 23, 2022
imagemay be luck based but i find it iconic how there’s a different approach to the comp depending on what game you’re playing

frooks - absolute shot in the dark

hunger - game of chicken

vivor - collab with friends and/or use exploits to see OTs score and be #strategic
Points: 667 11 comments
it makes my heart happy Nov 22, 2022
that netflix will introduce a lot more ppl to icons like renny/jenn city/chef joe when they start streaming bb10 and 14
Points: 45 1 comments
Top 5 Redheads Nov 20, 2022
5. Rachel Reilly
4. Renny Martyn
3. Annie from the hunger games (in the movies)
2. Ree “The Pioneer Woman” Drummond
1. cheritaisdelicious
Points: 77 4 comments
all i want for christmas Nov 20, 2022
imageis a yellowjackets season 2 trailer
Points: 11 1 comments
Joe Arvin > Joe Biden Nov 16, 2022
Points: 39 1 comments