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PYN completely honest opinion

3rdMay 15, 2015 by JeffWinger
Ill be 100% honest cuz im leaving and getting banned

bengalboy You are nice ive never had a problem with you… I do think you try a little too hard sometimes to be funny
seapoose You are a sweet kid but kind of a hot head on people sometimes… relax… Ill miss you
kyledile I don’t know you that well but your blogs are annoying
funnehliner You are good competitor in games and usually pretty nice, but the effort you go through to try to be relevant on this website is exhausting
semajdude  You are really sweet and nice…. Keep in touch on skype
thejoe  Whatever your issues are I hope you get them taken care of.  You can be a nice kid if you get out of your own way.
copenhagen  You are annoying.  OMG YOU SMOKE WEED?  YOU ARE SO COOL BRO! like seriously get off it
KarmaSutra  You can be really nice but you honestly just take things on here WAY too seriously.  I think we would be friends irl but doubt we could ever really stay friendly playing these games together
carrot  I dont know who you are
gentlemang  You are cool as your own person but you can be such a follower sometimes.  Honestly just stick to your own personality instead of attaching yourself to others
RobertGuajardo  I honestly dont think you have 1 redeeming quality.
skyler1822 I think you are awesome and beautiful.  I do think you need to get tougher and stand up for yourself more
jenna2010 Perfect person
smuguy2012 One of my oldest friends on here.  You are honestly pretty awesome and so loyal i love it.  You dont take games nearly as seriously as you used to and thats a good thing.  We will stay in touch im sure
electraviv  I used to like you a lot more, but then you became kind of an attention whore.  You're still a sweet girl to me though, even if i dont like the way you treat others sometimes
wannabeefriends  Ive tried to like you on so many different accounts but i dont think its going to happen.  You just annoy me and you try to be an ass just for the attention
jessem  I dont know you that well, we used to play games together, you were always nice to me.
potatosalad Eh. You are ok.... Kind of a mindless sheep sometimes but, ok
trollingpenguin i dont know you that well but you dont seem like the kind of person i would want to get to know anyway
carlisle  You are a sweet guy David.  Outside of games i like you quite a bit.  In games, i feel like you can be pretty fake but, sometimes thats the name of the game.  Keep in touch my friend.
hints  I dont really know you, just played a hunger and a frooks with you.  Kind of annoying but kind of funny
rellizuraddixion Dont know you that well but you seem pretty funny
burkett8975 You are a good friend and good competitor.  Hopefully we keep in touch
galaxyorb i dont know who you are
sosyomomma  You are a nice dude.  You are friends with some of the most annoying people on this site, but you dont let that change the way you act, so thats nice. 
Kiara_xoxo  You are such a sweetheart... never change
johneh  Dont let the haters get you down, i think you are a good person and a good games coordinator.  Keep up the good work my friend
zakisaboss Ill always have a fondness for you because you were one of my first friends on here and you make me laugh.  I do think you can really treat people like shit sometimes and say some really dumb things sometimes, but all in all, you are a good friend
Petro  You are a sweet kid but you are starting to get really karma hungry and falling in with some really annoying people, hope it doesnt change you
TheSexiestDude990  You are a good nice guy.  I hate playing games with you though because you literally only look out for yourself and it gets annoying.  But outside of games, nice guy.
#2beastly i dont know you, but i hear good things
#Arris every exchange with you ive had has been pleasant, but idk you that well
#Peterya Again, know very little about you, but youve been nice the few times we've interacted
#Vindaloo I cant post an opinion about you because i dont know who you are, you just morph into the personality of whoever you are sheeping atm.
#Joshlyn34 I love you like a brother.  We fight, a lot, but who cares.  You've got my back and I've got yours.  We will keep in touch for sure
#sjsoccer88  I really like you.  You keep it real with no BS and thats a really admirable quality on here
#Absol I dont know you very well but from the little i know, i dont really like you
#Fighterman  You have such a kind heart, dont let pieces of crap on here get you down.  One of  The best parts of coming back a couple months ago after being away for a while was becoming friends with you.  You are just a genuinely good dude
#Arcaninemaster Eric, i have nothing bad to say about you.  Ive enjoyed getting to know you and you are a stand up guy.
#Simpizzle  You are a good friend and a loyal ally in games.  Tell Haley i miss her :/
#hobnobgpro IDK you that well but we have a lot of friends in common so you must be a good dude.  Whenever we are in games together you make me laugh
#XxHeroxX idk you but everyone hates you for some reason?
#Carriexoxo24xo You are awesome and i miss you
#likevines20 You take games on here WAY too seriously... Other than that you are alright... gl to you and julian!
#EliotWhi Such a follower.... like seriously get a mind of your own, maybe then ill be able to tell you what i think about YOU and not the people around you
#Lotus dont know you all that well, i just remember you being really shady during games.... Gl in stars sorry for evicting you
#dmann  You are funny and love to throw shade.... thats all i really know
#Oreo270  You get ALOT of hate on here but idk why... I dont know you that well but youve always seemed like a sweet person to me.
#Happy202  Robert you know i love you buddy.  No matter what happened in games we were always tight.  GL and keep in touch
#don_draper Lol you are awesome.  I remember when we HATED each other because of Theresa.. Now there are few people on here that i like more than you.  Might be time to retire the username after sunday though :/
#LittleMix  Jake, i think you have such a big heart when you actually let people see it.  I know you hated me after shooting you out in hunger, and thats fine, I did what was helping my game atm.  I really think if you focus and dont put on the act you put on, you could do great things
#Krrais  Whenever we happen to be in games together, i always enjoy your company.  Nice kid
#MikeRoro  Funny as shit.  Keep up the good work brother
#SexyTex  The worst part about coming back here was that you were never around anymore.  I miss you like crazy and miss the 3 stooges (me you and buildie) so much.  Keep in touch plz


Sent by BengalBoy,May 15, 2015
Sent by seapoose,May 15, 2015
Sent by KyleDile,May 15, 2015
what are you getting banned for buddy
Sent by BengalBoy,May 15, 2015
Sent by Funnehliner,May 15, 2015
Sent by semajdude,May 15, 2015
Sent by TheJoe,May 15, 2015
Sent by Copenhagen,May 15, 2015
I'm curious, since we actually used to be decent friends
Sent by KarmaSutra,May 15, 2015
sure :)
Sent by Carrot,May 15, 2015
wait u smoke too omg??
Sent by Copenhagen,May 15, 2015
jefffff pls dont leave
Sent by seapoose,May 15, 2015
Sent by GentlemanG,May 15, 2015
Sent by RobertGuajardo,May 15, 2015
okay but why are you leaving?
Sent by skyler1822,May 15, 2015
Sent by Jenna2010,May 15, 2015
dont leave =[
Sent by smuguy2012,May 15, 2015
Sent by ElectraViv,May 15, 2015
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,May 15, 2015
me JeffWinger
Sent by JesseM,May 15, 2015
Sent by PotatoSalad,May 15, 2015
OK Can you please plus up these FAB designs?!
Sent by TrollingPenguin,May 15, 2015
Me & don't leave!! :(
Sent by Carlisle,May 15, 2015
Sent by hints,May 15, 2015
Sent by rellizuraddixion,May 15, 2015
I already know im great so..
Sent by burkett8975,May 15, 2015
Me. Even though i know im flawless
Sent by GalaxyOrb,May 15, 2015
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Sent by Kiara_xoxo,May 15, 2015
Sent by Johneh,May 15, 2015
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Sent by peterya,May 15, 2015
me but you wished me dead ...
Sent by Vindaloo,May 15, 2015
Sent by joshlyn34,May 15, 2015
Sent by sjsoccer88,May 15, 2015
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Sent by Arcaninemaster,May 15, 2015
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Sent by hobnobgpro,May 15, 2015
Sent by XxHeroxX,May 15, 2015
Ugh me winger..
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,May 15, 2015
Me lol
Sent by likevines20,May 15, 2015
Sent by EliotWhi,May 15, 2015
Nervous but ok
Sent by Lotus,May 15, 2015
Sent by dmann,May 15, 2015
Sent by oreo270,May 15, 2015
I'ma miss you David
Sent by Happy202,May 15, 2015
Sent by Don_Draper,May 15, 2015
Don't leave David.
Sent by LittleMix,May 15, 2015
Sent by krrais,May 15, 2015
Alright me
Sent by MikeRORO,May 15, 2015
Me me me
Sent by SexyTex,May 15, 2015
Sent by Styxxe,May 15, 2015
Sent by DanielKennedy111,May 15, 2015
Sent by temponeptune,May 15, 2015
sure how about me
Sent by mack3199,May 15, 2015
Sent by acyuta,May 15, 2015
Ok :)
Sent by Shonaynay,May 15, 2015
Sent by BrendonByrne,May 15, 2015
Sent by koolcoop,May 15, 2015
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,May 15, 2015
Sent by mattholder,May 15, 2015
Sent by Pieguy555,May 15, 2015
only played 1 game with u but alright
Sent by Answerable,May 15, 2015
Sent by Osiris,May 15, 2015
Sent by JustMe,May 15, 2015
Sent by JasonXtreme,May 15, 2015
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ROFL so many comments
Sent by sprado91,May 15, 2015
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me bish
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kk me
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me :)
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go ahead
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meeee jeff
Sent by Guigi,May 16, 2015
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< 3
Sent by clueliz,May 16, 2015
me @jeffwwinger me!!
Why are you leaving?
Sent by Robby297,May 16, 2015
lol ok
Sent by ianfitz0012,May 16, 2015
Sent by lindb,May 16, 2015
jeff me
Sent by Mahalpin11,May 16, 2015
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Sent by Lemjam6,May 16, 2015
jeffwinger WHERE IS MINE?
Sent by Robby297,May 18, 2015

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