Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Mar 26, 2020 by Jayglezst
Is the baddest bitch on this site period!!! Alyssa95


Thats a man
Sent by danyyboy67,Mar 26, 2020
Thats a man
Sent by mbarnish1,Mar 26, 2020
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Mar 26, 2020
I want to say thank you Jayglezst for knowing a bad bitch when you see one, and not hate. ♥

Now for my 3 hating ass fans.
Danyyboy67 - What are you bitch? You literally have no life, every time I come online you're in a frookies, PLUS JOINED 4 more before that one. You literally have no room to talk about anyone, go look in the mirror for once instead of this computer screen your wasting ya life.

mbarnish1 - You hating ass bitch. You was literally begging me to be your friend. What a weirdo ass bitch. You mad I got you out in a game? Keep ridin everyone else dick because thats what your only good for LMAOOO. You need to copy what everyone else say bc you don't have a brain of your own you dumb bitch.

SAWCHUK55 - Lmao now bitch, go feed your kids before you comment negatively on a blog about me hoe. #GetItTogether
Sent by Alyssa95,Mar 26, 2020
alyssa95 my kids are with dad so how about you find someone who will jhave kids with your nasty ass and not worry about what i post on JAYS blog
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Mar 27, 2020
Lmao ^ Dumb bitch
Sent by Alyssa95,Mar 27, 2020

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