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  1. Ika is this season's MVP
  2. Trifling
  3. Us
  4. Money: 2641.1 T$
  5. I'm going to be clearly honest
  6. I got 7th
  7. This game will be fun
  8. Anyone wanna challenge those multis with me?
  9. Sit on my face
  10. Gift me the Wendy's glam
  11. Sweetie I wasn't the one who posted porn
  12. Why are you so jealous?
  13. I loved Beyonce's XO and Halo
  14. I joined Frookies
  15. Hop on your multi
  16. People I would fuck if I was straight
  17. TaraG skyped me last night
  18. Join again fags
  19. Que pasa contigo?
  20. No title
  21. I was really mad at
  22. Now I Get it
  23. Do you guys solve sum me problems
  24. At night, when you're far and I'm alone
  25. I started a Frookies
  26. My pretty eyes can't get a break
  27. This shop game will be good
  28. Dear Jadine
  29. This Doesn't feel right
  30. 4 more for Frookies
  31. Frookies +9
  32. I was watching the last two Frookies
  33. Lemjam6 is a cutie
  34. I started a Frookies
  35. What's the cheapest anyone has
  36. Some people think everything is about them.
  37. It must be hard to get mad
  38. Daddydev and his crew
  39. Omg this shop game drama.... I love it
  40. Tag the girl with the fattest Pussy!!!

It's funny how this bitch thinks I care

Jan 15, 2020 by Jayglezst
Yes I'm watching your game cuz I'm bored!! shellbelle, but unfortunately none of the PMS that Washed_Ravioli is saying he's getting are from me. Someone else who knows better is pming him. I don't care enough for your wack ass to get in people's ears and try to ruin your game. Don't give yourself so much credit. Whatever I need to say I'll make it public not pm people in your games. Hahaha u fucking swear. I'm just mad that the multi with my name is being used to nominate people that I am friends with. The same multi that you created but now claim to have given away to your "friend"!!!


yea they weren't even from u lmao. what an unfair game
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Jan 15, 2020

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