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  1. Hop on your multi
  2. People I would fuck if I was straight
  3. TaraG skyped me last night
  4. Join again fags
  5. Que pasa contigo?
  6. No title
  7. I was really mad at
  8. Now I Get it
  9. Do you guys solve sum me problems
  10. At night, when you're far and I'm alone
  11. I started a Frookies
  12. My pretty eyes can't get a break
  13. This shop game will be good
  14. Dear Jadine
  15. This Doesn't feel right
  16. 4 more for Frookies
  17. Frookies +9
  18. I was watching the last two Frookies
  19. Lemjam6 is a cutie
  20. I started a Frookies
  21. What's the cheapest anyone has
  22. Some people think everything is about them.
  23. It must be hard to get mad
  24. Daddydev and his crew
  25. Omg this shop game drama.... I love it
  26. Tag the girl with the fattest Pussy!!!
  27. Marwan and I
  28. You are a stupid bitch
  29. Colehauseman
  30. Seed me baby!
  31. Shellbelle
  32. I started a new Frookies
  33. Should I enroll to Frookies?
  34. I want to eat Cswaggers ass really bad
  35. Here to take out Jadine.
  36. Good job on f2 DannyGayBoy
  37. Imagine Betting on Hash
  38. They know, they know, they know
  39. Join
  40. Why does this bitch always joins Frookies

Bitch why are you surprised?

Sep 11, 2019 by Jayglezst
Half of hates you hoe! Kandee_


I love her
Sent by TaraG,Sep 11, 2019
Are you looking in the mirror?
Sent by maturo,Sep 11, 2019

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