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  1. Bitches ain't shit
  2. Appreciation Blog
  3. Hey it's not my fault you are terrible
  4. When you tell friend (A)
  5. We need mods
  6. She's not a nice person
  7. Now if you see a itty bitty biggy in a market
  8. In some cultures
  9. I love you
  10. Kelley Wentworth, does not count.
  11. Gift me im sad
  12. Please perm her she's trash!
  13. I love you
  14. Imagine calling me
  15. I love you
  16. He's back
  17. Thank You!
  18. I think Rando took away Kandees
  19. I met the real Bambino today!
  20. You have been waiting 5+ hours
  21. The best gift I have ever received on TG
  22. i got snatched so hard from pink box
  23. I told u baby that little hoe was a fake fuck!
  24. Who's got that ill nana?
  25. I'd like to say
  26. We the people demand BrittBritt
  27. Gift me come on over
  28. She has me questioning my sexuality
  29. Come on over
  30. Ask me guys ❤
  31. Im waiting for my gift baby!
  32. We must end Slut Lake!
  33. You are not fooling me
  34. You went home on the purge
  35. Jadine
  36. Jadine
  37. Ban Her!
  38. Ahhh Sandy Claws is back to gift the children
  39. I want ramen
  40. We must end Slut Lake!

You have been waiting 5+ hours

Apr 12, 2019 by Jayglezst
For your frookies to start sawchuk55 I hope u don't get pre jury :(


I sure did Bahaha
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Apr 12, 2019

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