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  1. RiP
  2. Best twerk video of 2019!!!
  3. My side of the Story
  4. Johnny you owe me $60t
  5. Me and Franky are fighting
  6. Im so frustrated.. I can't beat
  7. Lo Amo❤❤❤❤
  8. Join normal rookies
  9. Check skype
  10. Is sending other people's ass pictures
  11. I hate that I can't wear my Black
  12. I just got filtered by a moron
  13. Perfect time to ask me something I dare u!
  14. I see someone so pressed by
  15. He has really nice balls ❤
  16. I don't know whos is crazier
  17. Thank you Bitchy kid
  18. That frooks Champ design is amazing!!! ❤
  19. What that mouth do tho?
  20. Thank u for this beautiful poem
  21. There is nothing sexier
  22. I know you orchestrated my eviction
  23. I bind you Nancy!
  24. I feel like I was just in an episode
  25. Im gonna chill out before I get Banned!
  26. Greg open your eyes!!!
  28. The only reason I sheep Warren in games
  29. I wonder why
  30. Saca la basura que huele
  31. Imagine Telling MarieEve's
  32. FAB
  33. Don't ask me if I wanna be Friends
  34. Im going to end your Barn
  35. Me after loosing a friendship over Frookies
  36. Te amo mucho ❤❤❤❤Putin
  37. Join Simon Says frookies
  38. Bak Back Backing it up
  39. Cojemos?
  40. That Cast looks like Drama

Just the tip???

Jan 12, 2019 by Jayglezst


Blitszims ????
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Hi my name is ben
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