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  1. Im a huge beyonce fan
  2. It's funny how Fetish
  3. Yeesssss!
  4. I love getting you mad Jadine❤
  5. Can we please ban
  6. Deja meterte el Platano
  7. Imagine having to eat
  8. Fiona
  9. Zakisabitch
  10. Is BrittBritt a girl?
  11. And Tony ... He was Italian
  12. Jadine
  13. I miss you :(
  14. I just got an E-mail from the FBI
  15. Ok Bardiana is wayyy better than the Original..
  16. Are we still talking about the whole race thing??
  17. Me when I buy a new wig from the shops
  18. TNT boys im fucking shook! Drag performances!!
  19. I just ate a churro :)
  20. I love you so fucking much..
  21. A picture of me and my man
  22. Congratulations baby
  23. A poem to my man.
  24. Fiona
  25. Is there a hacker?
  26. List of my bffs
  27. Are you hosting tonight?
  28. Removing each other from your #1
  29. Ya te olvide
  30. Who can relate?
  31. Big Brother Canada
  32. I woke up this morning
  33. I hate it when people keep you hostage
  34. Tell that trifling bitch she can have you!
  35. As the biggest Beyonce fan on this Site
  36. Trinity The Tuck Taylor
  37. Me after removing toxic individuals
  38. Happy V Day beautiful ❤ 🌹
  39. Says the freak
  40. Ariana Grande could never

A kingdom in isolation

Jun 3, 2018 by Jayglezst
And it looks like I'm the queen

Sent by Matisse,Jun 13, 2018

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