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  1. Do designs still affect the final cost of a shop?
  2. I'm alive <333
  3. What ever is this fuckery!??
  4. Why did Petro posted such an expensive dress???
  5. Can you remove designs from the design game?
  6. Yay I finally got tv star
  7. Im not wearing any socks
  8. Hamza won HoH faggots!
  9. Tyra Sanchez for all Stars 4
  10. Whoever is betting on this is dumb af!
  11. That frookies is full of Muslim women
  12. Lol
  13. That was not a Death Threat
  14. How do I make a full avi design ?
  15. Plus my pig suit
  16. I fuck with Kam in the Challenge
  17. I'm leaving this site I was pushed by TaraG!
  18. How did a multi get the exact same name as I?
  19. This is me winning Stars
  20. Omg on the Run Tour 2
  21. Is this Rosemulet on american idol?
  22. Amo a Scottmaster2
  23. TheKingSniffer American Idol Audition
  24. I hate this cheating cast
  25. Outing Two Brazilian Whores
  26. Join frookies 6 more slots
  27. Be a dear and plus my designs <3
  28. How safe is Rosemulets charity?
  29. These Brazilian multis are out of control ...
  30. If happy little blue birds fly beyond the Rainbow
  31. Rosemulet turned 18 years old!
  32. That donut shop is everything lol
  33. Join frookies Vendettas now!
  34. I love it when Thirteen is quiet during games
  35. If I bid on my own design
  36. Fuck Petro
  37. Tag a wet pussy
  38. I miss TheKingSniffer :(
  39. Please plus this cute Chanel top <333
  40. All the greats have nudes out there

If I bid on my own design

Mar 8, 2018 by Jayglezst
Will I get half of my $t back?


Sent by mathboy9,Mar 8, 2018
LMFAO probs
Sent by jadennator1,Mar 8, 2018
Thanks guys ... I want it ... it's kinda cheating the system spam a design and buy it cheaper than the shops ...
Sent by Jayglezst,Mar 8, 2018

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