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  1. Tara ur such a sweetie
  2. Really???
  3. In the sha-ha-sha-ha-ha-low
  4. A mí me gustan mayores...
  5. Good morning babies <3
  6. That part where ...
  7. El Booty se me sale de mi trajé
  8. If u turn into a skeleton
  9. Frankyyyyy <333
  10. I cant believe this is even Real! Cardi B &..
  11. Whoever Sold me these eyes!..
  12. You're such a fucking hoe....
  13. What is your Favorite Jennifer Lopez Movie?
  14. If i find out who's negging me.
  15. lamber minha bunda puta!
  16. Back... Backing it up!
  17. Gaylord!
  18. Seamos Concientes
  19. I got 13th in my frookies...
  20. Are Blitszims and Homocuspocus dating?
  21. Does anyone know whose multi
  22. All these haters negging my blogs
  23. Are the designs these people are wearing allowed?
  24. Really???
  25. Yo solo recuerdo que estaba bonita
  26. I just had Jollibee for the first time
  27. Ur a sexy guy
  28. Why are the shops not posting
  29. Glad Thirteen opened his eyes about TaraG
  30. Why is some bitch here looking ...
  31. I wanna get pig roasted by
  32. I rather die young... Than live my life without..
  33. My Tengage Dream Is
  34. Maturo is the cutest
  35. Star Support
  36. Join frookies ...
  37. You can break my heart in two...
  38. Gift Give Away!!!!
  39. Please nominate Benp in 9 minutes stars
  40. King Ding Dong

Who's down for some Black Girl Magic?

Feb 18, 2018 by Jayglezst


good morning bitch
Sent by masqui,Feb 18, 2018

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