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  1. Piojosa!
  2. She love's me even tho im poor
  3. I just got this party city wig for 63$t
  4. Neg this if you gay
  5. She's so Bossy
  6. Im sorry but this cast
  7. How Filthy Fiona be feeling lately
  8. I finally do amazing in words
  9. Oh how I've missed you ❤❤❤😘😘😘
  10. It's obvious this is a multi..
  11. My rating for It'sAlexia 3.7
  12. You like my hair? Gee thanks!
  13. I think all stars season 2
  14. Who is this multi?
  15. Saca La Basura Que Huele
  16. LA Rams baby!!!
  17. I know you are busy today...
  18. Rubes is a little sheep Bitch!
  19. I bet no one on this site
  20. Stop Bullying me!
  21. I want a slim fine woman
  22. Santa Claus isn't a nice man
  23. Let me borrow that top betch!
  24. Ask me something I'll answer something juicy
  25. Monique Heart
  26. RiP
  27. Best twerk video of 2019!!!
  28. My side of the Story
  29. Johnny you owe me $60t
  30. Me and Franky are fighting
  31. Im so frustrated.. I can't beat
  32. Lo Amo❤❤❤❤
  33. Join normal rookies
  34. Check skype
  35. Is sending other people's ass pictures
  36. I hate that I can't wear my Black
  37. I just got filtered by a moron
  38. Perfect time to ask me something I dare u!
  39. I see someone so pressed by
  40. He has really nice balls ❤

Who's down for some Black Girl Magic?

Feb 18, 2018 by Jayglezst


good morning bitch
Sent by masqui,Feb 18, 2018

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